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Changing Our Farm Plans

I’m here at the Washington Monument I
have something monumental you’re gonna actually start a video of this much
importance with a pun really dude I do really do have some big news for
you I have this dilemma on one hand my life’s ambition is to build a
sustainable long-term and on the other hand I can’t do that without the
financial resources provided to me by working here in Washington DC but when
it comes down to it I know I shouldn’t be whining and making myself feel like a
victim of my situation I’m very fortunate to have a job at all and I’m
very fortunate to have the farm our goal is to start a sustained
when I say sustainable I mean sustainable environmentally could mean
sustainable from an economic perspective and I mean sustainable from a personal
perspective the worst thing in the world would be to start this farm and have it
go belly-up after only a couple of years this is a long-term enterprise and so
because of that I recognize that I need to do certain things like put in
infrastructure and have the financial resources so that I don’t have to go
into debt for a while now I’ve realized that the
life I’ve been leading is not something I can sustain my plan was always to work
for a couple more years down here in DC and fix up the farm and then ultimately
be ready to move up there full-time the problem with that idea is what I’ve been
doing has been making me miserable the time I’m spending in DC I find myself
bored and lonely missing my wife and thinking about the farm but then when I
do go up to the farm I’ve got so much to do and so many people to see and so many
things that crammed into any given period of time that I’m constantly
running around like a chicken with my head cut off all in all I realized that
what I had been doing was not something that could go on forever and it was
gonna require me to make a change so how did I intend to pull off this change
well I devised a very elaborate plan I started talking to my friends and then
my friends put me in touch with their friends who put me in touch with their
friends and ultimately I met a guy who was looking for a person who had all the
skills that I had and the good news was his company was in Vermont only about 45
minutes away from the farm I mean can you believe that that means I’ll be able
to live at the farm full-time probably even get a couple of farm businesses up
and running and at the same time build my skill set so that I can ultimately be
a competent farmer who can sustain his own farm you know growing up I never had
any inclination of wanting to work in agriculture or do anything like this
but the twists and turns that life’s taken over the last couple of years very
much brought me to this point and by him this point I mean right there that house
right there you see when Alison and I first moved to Washington DC that was
our house we bought this house that was the first house that we’d ever owned it
was a great little row house a whole bunch of problems consistently
leaky roof some structural things the coolest thing about it was though it had
a front yard and in that front yard I ripped up all the grass and put two
garden beds in it those garden beds became the foundation of my agricultural
visions that excitement about agriculture got me researching bigger
and bigger things I explored things like permaculture and ultimately it was that
experience that established food shop farms so I’m gonna continue to make videos
here I’m gonna keep trying to tell the story of what’s happening with the farm
and give everybody an inside look to what’s going on with the farm and my
path to being an actual God’s honest farmer it’s not gonna be easy but gosh
darn it I feel like I’m gonna be living the dream
so that’s it that’s our big news now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go back


  1. Teal House Farm Author

    Congrats Morgan!! That is too cool! It'll be so great to be home all the time and feel like you can get stuff done on the farm. I was able to make some changes in my job too that has me at home more. Gives me time to spend with family, work on Youtube, and get stuff accomplished on the farm. Awesome news!

  2. Strauss Zahard Author

    Hey…thankyou for your informative videos…
    I would love to see you rear pigs in your farm…They are my favourite Farm animals…Just a humble Suggestion…

  3. The Cottage Author

    Yeah buddy! My wife and I are experiencing the same dilemma. We are both caught up in our full time jobs trying to get our apiary up and running. We dream of the day that our business will be our full time job! We are just starting out and our website is up but there isn't anything on it yet. Check us out:


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