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Children’s Farm Tractor Handover

So today we’re handing over a new tractor for the team at the Collingwood Children’s Farm. This is the third tractor that we’ve helped the farm
out with over the last ten years. The tractor is the real workhorse of the farm. We’ll use it for everything from slashing paddocks to dragging bins up to the street, to taking kids
around on tractor rides, to hauling tools. It’s a life saver. Last time we were here, the guys had an old skid steer loader, so they suggested to us that a loader might
be helpful on the farm. And mate this time she’s come with a bucket, which is phenomenal, so when our old skid steer goes out of action, we’re not
held up on jobs for two months. We’re a small community organisation. We don’t have the budget
to dump on an enormous machine like this. Without AGCO’s support, we just wouldn’t be running it. That’s it! I’ll do all of the tractor driving from now on. We’re really pleased to be associated with the
Collingwood Children’s Farm. They do a great job with disadvantaged and disabled people, and certainly something from an AGCO perspective that
we’re very pleased to be involved with. It means a lot to us as a company. Thank you so much. Another tractor for the kids to fall in love with, Warwick. Newer and shinier.


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