1. Elajah Ceesay

    Africa is not risky , west make africa risky , tell me one war were west is not behind it? west love risk , if they can go destroy a country for profit why do u think they don't like risky , they don't destroy countries that white live in , african need to open their eyes and see west just as natural enemy , trade between africa and west will never be fair unless africa stand up and value them self

  2. Elajah Ceesay

    this african don't speak for africans , they work for western interest in africa , they sre wors than many african leaders , africa will be free with working with Asian nations , west suport rebels , terrorist groups , biological war , they want to see africa rem af in poor it can sup lying them with cheap resources , west is done , they can't survive , they hate china in africa

  3. Neood Yohannes

    Too many poor farmers? Then take their land, organize the farmers, create modern farm industry and hire them to work for the company as employees and share holders. That way they have steady salary and they can also grow with the company. This would also free their children to go to school full time! I don't think the future of Africa lies on small scale subsistence farmers. The argument that…"if farmers are given the right tools or small business loan" is flawed. Yes, it can increase out out but it's still small output. Economy of Scales (large scale farming) increases output dramatically, lowers cost of food and saves millions on import bill. I think this could be done economically by mobilizing the local workforce, and working with the government and expert advisors. But why would African governments take on this arduous task when they can just wait for US or China or EU to solve their problem!?!? Africa has been eating free-fish for too long, it's time to learn how to fish!

  4. Neood Yohannes

    As a person who is from Africa, I think Africa is stuck in a quagmire of dependency and relies heavily on other countries to solve its problems! I don't understand why people expect economically advanced countries to solve their problems. I think US, EU and China are giving great opportunities to Africa with these Zero Tariff trade deals. It is up to Africans to take advantage. Forget about export, most African countries import food (worth billions $) when the majority of the population in the continent are farmers! It's not rocket science! If there are no experts locally then hire experts from abroad and give on-the-job training!

  5. SpiritsBB

    The white guy rips Debroah's research and make it his own and then gives unsolicited advice to Africans like they don't know what they're doing not aware he's not very qualified to be in the panel – not to mention the country where he's from didn't do much on Africa's long term economy.


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