1. Nico Noire

    Halfway through your video and you're still rambling about traffic and water and everything other than setting up oil production and haven't placed a single oil building. This is an extremely frustrating instructional video.

  2. wolfhunter98

    New to the game, anyone know why he is using dirt roads so much? The oil and farm area both have dirt.

    Also anyone hear traces of Duke Nuke'm in voice?

  3. James Curtiss

    The title of this video is very reassuring. Having just bought the game I didn't quite know how to ask the question I literally googled "cities skyline how to oil" this video was the obvious choice

  4. MrDragonfyr

    Around 10:00 you say that we have to delete and recreate a district. Is that still a thing? Or has it been fixed since then? Thanks for the vid 🙂


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