Cities Skylines – Natural Resources to Make Money! #5 Cities Skylines Mods


  1. Mahdi Ezzeddine

    My brother has a city that contain a bus stop wich there's 2000 people waiting 😂🤷🏻‍♂️ lol 🤦🏻‍♂️ any advice 🌚

  2. L. McP.

    I find the new videos where you keep it dark almost too dark. I am wondering if you can add a mod for us to color correct at night to give the appearance of the light of the full moon, or maybe one of the "mouse flashlights" in the workshop.

  3. Tekostats Gaming

    Don't go ham on high residential, I like how the low residential looks and fits the map pretty well. Also you need to add more population because the demand is crazy and the others are barely there

  4. The AntKnight

    Also in the "Economy" -> "Budget" tab, at the bottom it says how much you are earning and from where/how much you are spending and from where you are spending it.

  5. tigertank909

    its not bugged it happens to me more then it should 19:48 and the number is going up and down its because if the ai waits to long they will change there mind and start walking so its going that fast is because as 1 leaves a nother ai joins the wait for the bus at the same time

  6. tigertank909

    hay biffa do you see the tab that has a hammer and a wrench theres a building in the tab that makes the cars go 20% faster i think it was all i remember is it makes things faster 16:20

  7. Elves Productions

    You should do a bus only road from the new oil industry to the city so the cars won't use it so it will increase the amount of people on the buses and it will not make traffic such a nightmare

  8. ram64man

    Given at night there’s a lot of people going to the park when night entertainment becomes available link a night only route from both residents areas and ignore factory areas you may find more people may use the bus, that or swap the road to tram going as far as the roundabout if road width allows

  9. Sathvik JAIN

    biffa when are you ever choose a name that i say i have been suggesting names for almost every city of yours . pleae please name the city teahatime city !! pleasse

  10. Palpatine001

    Quick note for everyone: Real Life was updated this morning and the trash/recycling trucks will be working at night again after a bug fix. I know Biffa mentioned it in his last video and I just saw the update now. Also if you use the Real Time mod there was a large update for the Park Life DLC


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