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CLAAS XERION Traktor auf Kette | CLAAS Agritechnica Neuheiten | VLOG #12

Welcome to a new vlog by AgrartechnikHD. This time we were invited by Claas again. But not to the sunny France, but in the near of Osnabrück. More precisely in Bohmte. Here we took a look at the tractor news from Claas and now we will show you the new machines. Xerion on tracks – The Claas novelties Arrived on the field right next to me is already the first novelty of Claas – the Axion Terra Trac You already know the tractor. It was presented in 2017 as a prototype at the Agritechnica exhibition. It is now available and will be produced in series. You remember last year we could film him once in action. We have linked the video in the upper right corner of the picture. The actual novelty that Claas presents here we show you now! We have just seen the wheel version of the Claas Xerion. Maybe you have seen him on tracks in the background. How did this idea come up? We know that the Xerion 5000 has 530hp. We have to ensure to bring this performance to the soil – with our 900 mm tires we have come to a limit. This means that we had to develop a concept to bring the engine power to the ground for sure. And this works with caterpillar drive units. We see a difference between the well-known Terra Trac drives and this one. Correct, this is not a Terra Trac drive, but a triangular drive. The background is as follows: For about 20 years there are Lexion combine harvester on Terra Trac units. There they are installed on a rigid axle. The same is true for Claas Jaguar Terra Trac and Claas Axion Terra Trac. Both have rigid axles. The special feature of the Xerion are the two steered axles. The Terra Trac drive is not designed for steered axles, so we need a new concept. This is called “triangular drive”. Ok, compared to the wheel tractor is this smaller, correct? Exactly, although the Xerion Terra Trac has a bigger footprint about 25% than the 900 wheel tractor, the tractor has a outer width of 3m and is allowed to drive on public roads. Okay, made for the road, but designed for field use. That’s why we show you the Xerion now. Another novelty that Claas shows us is the new CMOS for tractors, and Kilian explains what’s new. Exactly, CMOS works in three steps. The first step is optimization on the farm, where ballasting and wheel pressure recommendations are given for the particular work are given for the particular work The second step is to optimize the implement settings, where the best parameters are found In the third step the optimal data for the tractor are found. And how it looks like, we see it in the cabin. Now we come to the end of our vlog about the new Claas tractors. We hope we could give you a good insight. Especially from this new giant Claas Xerion with rubber track drive, which is almost four meters high. The view while driving is amazing. We are interested in your opinion! Is the Xerion on wheels or on tracks the right tractor for you? Write us a comment! As you can see, we wear clothes from the agricultural business. These are from our fashion label “Landleben”, formerly “Uglyfarmer” We are at the Agritechnica with our own booth. Come meet us. You will find us in hall 13, booth A16. In the same hall as Claas. There you can talk to us. Thumbs up and share the video if you liked it with your friends. Until next time. Bye.


  1. Tim Wendorff Author

    Auf dem Silo sind Räder besser, auf dem Acker zur bodenbearbeitung natürlich das bandlaufwerk. Hab es tatsächlich schon erlebt das die 900er reifen auf der Felge überdreht sind 🙈

  2. Cajus Theophile Author

    Xerion auf Ketten ist finde ich persönlich zu sehr in der Funktion eingeschränkt. Für Großbetriebe mit viel Fläche ist es bestimmt eine Option, für lohnbetriebe wird der Xerion auf Ketten sich vermutlich nicht lohnen. Und persönlich ist mir die Radmaschine einfach lieber.

  3. Hannes Herowine Author

    Schade das der Designer beim xerion leider arbeitslos war :/
    Sieht aus als hätte man einfach Reifen runter und Bandlaufwerk rauf geschraubt

  4. John Deere 7930 Author

    Ich finde den Xerion 5000 auf Rädern besser. Die Ketten sind zwar nicht schlecht und vermindern den Bodendruck aber passen nicht zu einen Xerion. Die Idee ist nicht schlecht aber sieht doof aus.


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