1. High school Hottie

    add acidic ocean (3/4 of earth's is its ocean) – CO2 blend with the ocean, makes carbonic acid with overage of it (certain small amount needed to photosynthesize – the overage now going in the sea (us and our coal, oil and gas burning) is the problem – as phytoplankton give us our air. 66 to 70% of the air you breathe is made by the plankton of our water world's sea:not talked of a lot but food stuffs will be severely compromised as the sea food needed for crops and direct eating will die out with increasing acid (lowering PH) in the sea — and of course the plankton will die. which means anoxia for the world (suffocation).   how fix!!! SCREAM AND SCREAM FOR ILLEGALIZED BURNING OF FOSSIL FUEL (REPLACE POWERPLANTS WITH ONLY GEOTHERMAL ONES, DEEP DRILLED OR NOT, HYDRO (DAMS), TIDE, SOLAR PANELS. TO CHARGE ELECTRIC CARS BY 0 EMISSION POWER, THEN. 2 POPULATION LAWS PRODUCING A SHRINKING WORLD POPULATION (TOO MANY PEOPLE NOW – AND GROWTH RATE IS 1 BILLION EVERY 14 YEARS – MUST MAKE THIS REVERSED (SAY 1 BIRTH TO 1.6 DEATHS) TILL WE'RE AT 4 BILLION PEOPLE.                ***************** WE NEED TO START ON THIS! CREATE GREAT THUNBERG TYPE CLUBS!! YOU CAN DO IT!! YES WE CAN SURVIVE AND NOT GO EXTINCT!!! (YOUTUBE '6TH EXTINCTION' AND READ ALL ABOUT IT ! 🙂 — WE NEED TO LEARN AND DO !!!!!)———


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