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Cocoa farming

Latif: Welcome to Bayerebon No.3 in Ghana We are now in November And the main cocoa harvest is in full swing Cocoa is one of the main crops grown in Ghana We export cocoa beans all over the world To make chocolate It is very important for Ghana’s economy Cocoa grows on trees, often in remote areas And cocoa pods and beans are harvested by hand Let’s visit a cocoa farm Elias: I am on a cocoa farm The cocoa farm belongs to Mr K. It is not far from our school and town It is very noisy because I hear the sound of birds in here Latif: This is a cocoa tree This is a ripe pod And this is an unripe pod There are fallen leaves around the cocoa trees And also ants and snakes here So one must be careful, walking through a cocoa farm Latif: There are pineapple plants Orange plants And plantain plants around the cocoa tree They provide shade for the cocoa Elias: These people are harvesting cocoa The cocoa beans taste sweet Latif: These people harvesting the cocoa Are from the family of the cocoa farmer They harvest the cocoa three times within a month Sometimes, young people help when they are harvesting the cocoa Abraham: The cocoa pod is placed on your left hand side Then you use a cutlass to cut the pod to get the beans After that the beans are poured on to plantain leaves And covered with plantain leaves When you pull back the leaves, it is hot and smells like alcohol This is the fermentation of cocoa beans Fermentation makes the cocoa beans turns brown And gives them their chocolatey flavour Faustina: Now let’s see what happens to the cocoa beans They are taken home by using a basket Latif: I am now at Mr K.’s house Elias: This is the cocoa drying table The cocoa drying table is made from bamboo or raffia palm Cocoa dries for a period of six days During these days the farmer often turns over the cocoa beans And picks out bad beans and dirt Cocoa beans are covered at nights To protect them from animals that eat them Faustina: Like farmers everywhere Any money from what they grow is important And this is the place where that happens This is the office of the Kuapa Kokoo Recorder There is a set of scales here that the Kuapa members own The scale is very accurate So everyone gets the right amount of money Latif: Every cocoa sack weighs 62.5 kilograms And each farmer is paid half of the money now And half later After the cocoa season Kuapa Kokoo may pay farmers a bonus from the Fairtrade Premium Money that farmers earn from cocoa is very important They need it to buy clothes, food And things like paying school fees, tax, and other things Faustina: Once the cocoa is sold The sacks are taken to the depot They export them to chocolate factories all over the world Faustina: We hope you enjoyed this webcast See you next time … bye!!

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