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Coffee Table Crop Signs: How to Clean Circular Coffee Table Stains

Okay raise your hand if you’re crazy enough to believe crop circles were actually created by aliens.
(Cheerful music)
You sure love your antique wood coffee table but isn’t it a buzz kill when you find water rings and heat marks left behind by tiny little aliens? Okay they’re not left behind by tiny little aliens. News flash they’re left behind by coffee mugs, cold glasses of water, and the little devils who place them there without using coasters. Fear not coffee table crop circle hater, this Molly Maid quick tip was designed just for you. 1.) Mix equal parts baking soda and regular white non-gel toothpaste. 2.) Dip clean white cloth into the mixture and gently buff problem areas in a circular motion. 3.) Wipe clean and buff to shine, 4.) followed by furniture polish. You’re all set! If that doesn’t work rub real mayonnaise on to the table stain and let it sit overnight before wiping it clean with a dry towel. Just don’t reuse the Mayo on tomorrow’s lunch. That’s gross. For more Molly Maid quick tips or to submit your cleaning conundrum like us on Facebook.


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