Coin Roll Hunting Pennies – Teens Wheat Cent

okay everyone its Rob again and we’ve only hunted one B of A box because the second box was a bunch of uncirculated 2017 D
pennies the one box we did get no Indians 10 Wheaties 413 copper a
couple of foreigns, 25 2009 if you can believe it we did get a 1916 wheatie one of our oldest actually our oldest we do that we were pulled from a box I went
ahead and opened it at the bank because it the last two boxes that have been
circulated and I checked we’ve got a box of circulating pennies so we’re good on
that let’s get to that it hopefully we find
some old Wheaties maybe we’ll find an Indian Head possibly some older
Canadians as well I usually don’t film every wheatie I get but we’re the third roll
in and that’s a really nice sweeping read penny here it’s a 56 plain but you
know what I’ll take a wheat cent in that condition any year any time wow that
must have been in someone’s piggy bank or coin jar or coin collection it hasn’t
been out in circulation very long that’s for sure or shortly went into someone’s
collection shortly after being released so that is a fine example of a 1956
wheat penny let’s get back to the hunt all right guys
25th roll in the box I was sorting through them and I see this 2004 Commonwealth of the Bahamas like a
starfish that’s kind of a cool cent I’ve not seen one of the starfish I’ve
seen him with pineapples and stuff but that’s a first for me so we’re gonna put
that one with the Foreigns and there’s anything worth pulling out
of here 1917 d wheatie that’s in rough condition you know I’ll take it because
it is an older wheatie and to be honest with you look at the number of 2009’s
already I told you the last box would be they had 25 I’ve already got 16 halfway
through I don’t know what it is about to be of a boxes I know only a box and a
half in but they seem to be really high on the 2009’s and I’ve got my second
oldest wheatie pull now from my second B of A box halfway through so and they
seem to have high copper content we’re only halfway through and after these
copper to that so I’m thinking maybe the B of A banks don’t get coin rolled hunt
as much as maybe other ones it’s early I’ll have to make a decision after I
hunt the next B of A box but to any extent we’re off to a good box and a
half start so far I’ll loop it back in if I find more all right guys we’ve
finished that first box at B of A pennies we ended with a total of 421
copper coins that’s at 8 more than the last B of A box about par for my average
about 418 coins we did get 2 2017 P’s worth keeping the very first B of A
box I had I got five 2009 which was a record this one
got 27 we got 13 rows of 2 for 26 out of 27th I’m probably gonna toss some of
these terrible condition was a matter of fact a lot of them are not in good
condition just probably five or six maybe seven worth keeping really in
there I’ll check the ones I toss if they’re
the formative years Woods for the double or the extra finger we did get a couple
of foreign coins we got a Canadian 1984 not that old we
got that really cool 1 cent piece from the Bahamas it’s probably my favorite
find of the box just because it’s different I’ve got Bahamian coins before
but not with that starfish on there got a couple of 1959’s
I always check the back just to see if there’s the second meal produced ever I
doubt it but that’s what we got we only got seven Wheaties but you know we got a
couple of good ones one we got the 1917 D it’s in rough shape but it’s my 2nd
1917 D total so I’m happy to have a second one it’s not as good at condition
as the last I’m not gonna be able to upgrade it we got that really nice and I
know it’s a 56 Philly but it’s in really good shape I mean you really can’t get
too upset at the shape of that one of these days I’ll wash my fingers because
they’re always dirty but and then we got a couple other dates here a 58
plain a 58 D we got a 55 D a 52 D and a 45 D along with that 17 and this 56 so
not the greatest we box got a pretty good condition one an older one overall
I’m not too disappointed in it for what we got I will now continue to open the
other B of A box right there and we’ll see if the luck of the 2009’s continues
maybe we have cleaner coins in this box maybe we’ll give an Indian movie
a few more weeks because right now the average Wells Fargo box I’m sorry to be
of a box it was ahead but this is gonna put it right in line if you enjoy this
time with me please give the video a thumbs up and as
always thanks for watching


  1. sdanbewa Author

    Nice find on the wheaties. Since you collect the copper pennies, here's a little bit of info about the Canadian cents:
    1920-1941 95.5% Cu (3.24g)
    1942-1979 98% Cu (3.24g)
    1980-1981 98% Cu (2.8g)
    1982-1996 98% Cu (2.5g)
    GL & HH


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