1. Marlene popos

    Mary, the weather that we are seeing lately is caused by the Grand solar minimum. The cycle of the sun is 11 years, the grand solar minimum is 150 to 200 years this is a longer cycle where the sun burns as it were on low heat instead of medium heat. There is a YouTube channel called Oppenheimer ranch project that was created by a paleontologist and his explanations of the solar CYCLES are easy to understand. He has been doing this as a public service as he has given up on working for the bias scientific community who has not stopped lying about the global warming. Check him out this man and a friend created a weather forecasting program that is amazing on it's predictions. Everyone should know that food prices will climb because of bad weather this is worldwide so, start learning about food production and set up your garden, anything you can produce for your self, will help you.

  2. Chris Roenker

    This is the beginning of the Grand Solar Minimum. This will be the new norm for the next 30 to 50 years. Longer colder winters and short growing seasons. Food prices will be going way up!

  3. Heidi 12

    Every time I drive over the Lac Qui Parle or Minnesota river bridges, I wonder if I'm going to make it, or will this be the time it decides to collapse. The water is right under the bridges. Nervous days. More rain on the way. I'm glad I have 2 ft tall raised garden beds. Now if it will stop raining long enough to put some dirt in them and plant my seeds, that would be good. And warm up about 20 degrees! I still have the furnace on!😨

  4. Christopher 1995

    it's got to be more than rain and snow and cold, I'm in NJ n I put seeds in my 2 buckets small ones n they still haven't did anything, I believe it's the sun

  5. owlspook dreaming

    over here in NE Wyoming we're knee deep in slushy snow turning to ice tonite … white everywhere … if it keeps up I'll have to continue to grow my veggies indoors. My tomato plants have tomatoes on them and are growing like crazy but I have limited room want to get some grow lights ASAP. My indoor garden won't replace everything so I'm stocking up and when I can. Trying to impress on my close friends how important it is to have stored up some food. Seriously believe or beginning of a mini Ice Age.

  6. S. Woods

    I have heard so many people say "I'm not going to bother to plant a garden this year, I just don't feel like it" I'm worried about that because of all the times NOT to plant a garden THIS IS NOT ONE of them. Millions of pig have had to be killed this last 12 months. Floods in other countries and ours is going to drive prices to the roof. If your not prepared this year you are going to be in Big trouble. The lack of corn & soybeans is going to destroy animal feed too

  7. Dan 821

    I put up more rice, beans, and corn this week. Also stocking up on poultry, pork, and beef while there are still some sales going on.
    Everyone should either be buying in bulk and canning, freezing, dehydrating. Or planting their own gardens, growing and canning what they get from the gardens. I think by the Fall we will see huge price increases on food.
    Thanks Mary!!

  8. estreetman1

    The same problem with builders! You’ve got to have the right conditions to pour concrete. What’s the first thing done in building a home or a building? The foundation — concrete! The builders are backed up everywhere! All over the world glitches are happening. It will be hard for us to help the world when we don’t have enough for ourselves…

  9. Jimbo Bimbo

    I live in the corn belt in Ohio surrounded by farms, no farmer has been able to get in there fields yet. Not plowed not planted, its way to wet. Mud mud and more mud. Usually they are planted y now, My garden looks like a pond, with more rain on the way.

  10. Cometmoon

    Like others before me have said: People need to start learning how to plant their own crops.

    It isn't that hard to plant small crops, I've planted some potatoes in a 5 gallon(inside) & are waiting to harvest them. Corn(the small variety) can also be grown in containers. It's not that hard to learn, people.

  11. Serenity, Beautiful Serenity

    Gather your non gmo, cross-pollinated, heirloom seeds. Build your own greenhouse or two and learn how to grow your food in a greenhouse. Buy, dry and can your meats now. Purchase your bulk rice, beans, sugar, salt, and grains. Buy yourself a hand-cranked grain mill and learn how to use it and store your grains. Do this now.

  12. Edward Jones

    Has all the winter wheat been destroyed? Mississippi River bottoms, if not flooded, are vulnerable! Let's hope it drys up! We shall see! Thank You Mary! GOOD INFO!

  13. Nancy Phillips

    Protect our bees. Limit all weed killer & pesticide products. Mulched leaves enrich your garden. Grand Solar Minimum & Adapt 2030 & Ice Age Farmer channels are helpful.

  14. Love Warrior

    Garden, garden, garden! Raise chickens & other animals. I'm broke as a joke but manage to grow food in the hood. No excuses!!! I even ask people that I know own their property if I can plant on their land and they almost ALWAYS happily oblige. We sourced free wood chips from the city last fall. There always something free on Craigslist that will help your gardening lifestyle. Think about it at least. Father bless!


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