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Colin Mochrie Shares the Spotlight with 2 Alpacas | World Vision

I realize the world can be a cruel and unkind place to someone of your appearance. But on the upside – you have amazing hair. Now come on, I want you to be proud. Tell them, tell them. She’s so modest. You know this gal can produce up to 5 kilos of wool in one year. She can provide enough wool so that a family in need can make an income and keep warm. How many people can say that? [Music] Go to for unique and meaningful gift ideas today. Jennifer, I can’t help you unless you want to be helped.


  1. Emilyrose S Author

    ha! i love that thw alpaca's name is jennifer cuz in a whose line ep he says to wayne "calm down jennifer", yea its not that fuuny but i think it is!

    GO COLIN!!

  2. bluebear1985 Author

    @MrLazyEyes Thank you for reminding me of that sketch he did with "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" when he helped spoof "Mansbridge One on One" with Peter Mansbridge himself. It was hilarious, going one on one with "himself".


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