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Comment l’agriculture régénératrice peut aider les terres agricoles à prospérer

[Music] the word humans comes from the word humic which means soil we need to realize that that soil is a part of us [Music] the current production model is broken it’s not working it’s not sustainable [Music] in regenerative agriculture you have to be able to use the power of observation you have to look at the landscape and see what’s this soil trying to tell me what are the chances of kid who grew up in town not from a farmer ranch going out starting to farm be put through four years of natural disasters hail and drought and then being able to come back from that and educate myself how do soils really function I went no-till I started adding all these different cover crops and I saw a real change in the health of our sewer [Music] [Applause] [Music] we’re losing topsoil at an alarming rate we can mitigate that by using the five principles we don’t want to till the soil any more than we have to least amount of chemical disturbance means we got to cut back on the synthetics whether it be fertilizer pesticides fungicides all of those have negative impacts to the soil ecosystem [Music] the residue from whether it be crops or leaves in a forest it’s the skin of the soil if you leave soil bare it’s prone to wind erosion water erosion temperatures rise evaporation increases it’s totally negative to a healthy functioning soil ecosystem so that Armour on the soil surface is the skin of the soil and it protects that sort we’re in nature do you find monocultures usually only where man put them yet look what we’re doing in production agriculture today were seeding monoculture cash crops we run only one species of livestock in our pastures that all has a negative impact on the ecosystem so we want to add diverse [Music] in production agriculture today there’s monocultures that only grow for a very short period of time they’re only collecting so much sunlight and then there’s nothing left there to grow and to feed soil biology so we need that living root as long as possible throughout the year [Music] we’ve removed animals for much of the landscape we’ve put them in these confined animal feeding operations and in our wisdom we think that’s healthy well that’s exactly the worst thing we could do we need to get animals out onto the grasslands but then we need to graze those grasslands in a way that will proliferate the health of rangelands [Music] regenerative agriculture has become my life I’ve seen the difference it’s made to my family and myself I’ve seen the difference it’s made thousands of producers all over the world not only are they better off financially but society is better off because they’ve improved the health of the grasslands improve the health of the cropland improve the health of the whole ecosystem so it’s extremely important [Music]

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