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Commerical Horticulture Impact

Alabama Extension Commercial Horticulture Team strives to provide research-based information to all producers, gardeners, and nurserymen. This video provides just a hint of what we do and how we help the horticulture industry. Extension commercial horticulture educational programs aim at raising crop yield and quality for new or experienced producers. We have several popular educational programs that include variety selection, and production systems, soil quality and conservation and irrigation management. Through our beginning farmers initiative, we provide training to family farms about produce marketing and food safety systems. Extension commercial horticultural programs are inclusive of all farmers, gardeners, and nurserymen. Information on pest diagnostic and pest management recommendations are provided by subject matter specialists after careful research. Diagnostic services are available at two locations, at statewide resource for all residents. Each year we provide training to 5,000 participants from all walks of life. With constant networking through cell phones and variety of digital media channels, the commercial horticultural program as your knowledge infrastructure available to you 24/7. Extension pests alerts and on-site consultation are very popular among producers. We can resolve critical farm issues to prevent crop losses. Information about commercial horticultural, regional extension agents, county extension coordinators, and Extension specialists can be found at The bottom line is we save you money and increase your profit through timely information and direct training. Watch for more information about our beginning farmer program for new producers and military veterans. They’re very helpful. Every time I always come away with a lot more information even in a- that I need and then I realized that I have more and more questions as we talk and it’s always very helpful. It’s taught me a lot about growing vegetables and he’s always there to help me in any way that I need it. Without some of the things that [inaudible] help me with I don’t know if we could still be involved in agriculture, without some of the changes that we’ve made in the last 10 years he’s helped me with. Been a great asset. Especially the fruit and vegetables conference that’s held each year in February. We try to always make that and some of the peach producers meeting that’s held here locally every year. We almost always attend that. So we travel when there’s some that are nearby and that are applicable to what we’re growing. We try to make those. I have been a member of the Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association since 1990. And I’ve made most annual meetings. Well, they’ve either saved me money or made me money in just about everything. I’ve retired from the Army. So, I knew nothing. So, I learned 90 percent of what I even know from there and training Southern SARE in the Alabama fruit and vegetable crop conference and ASAN .

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