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Como Regar por evaporação – Evaporation irrigation system

Translation, Google Translator Toolkit Hi everyone Today I’ going to present an evaporative irrigation system. Its main objectives will be the creation of a watering system, the use of recyclable materials, low maintenance and cheap. To create the irrigation system I will use 5 liter bottles, and 1.5-liter or 2-liter bottles. For this in the 5 liter bottle I will remove the bottom of the bottle, and in the bottles the top part of the bottle. Then the little bottle will be put into the 5 liter bottle. As you can see later on. To put the little bottle and the big bottle, I have around the tree to create a hole, to place the irrigation system. This operation can be done soon when you are planting the tree, it did not happen here. Also when you are doing this operation, after placing the bottle, you can put with water in there, facilitates a bit. I’m not going to do that now, which is to show how you can put water in the bottles, after. Get there a hole to put the bottle, they put a bit of land around, so that it is safe. I usually use 3 systems, to keep the earth moister around the tree. This system will allow us to maintain a degree of humidity, which always helps the tree a lot. You have to use other irrigation systems, but during the driest weather, there will always be moisture around the plant. The more sun there is, more watering will be. The system’s durability (until the water evaporates all over), can range from 2 to 3 months. It all depends on ambient temperatures. The carafe is also packed, so they do not leave the place. To keep the humidity on the ground, you can put a bit straw. It always makes water evaporation slower. Keeping there that zone of the plant more fresh. To place the water, simply remove the bottle caps, and put water in there. Every two months, three, it all depends. The water will evaporate, will hit the bottle surface, and then runs down, through the walls of the bottle, thus allowing moisture to remain close to the roots. If they have larger bottles, it is preferable because this makes the system more durable. Nina’s thirsty here. You have to treat well who is a friend !!! And ready, here we have an evaporation irrigation system. It’s simple, it’s cheap, and is effective! Note that you should also give another type of watering, but may already be more spaced. You can see here in this situation, the drops of water on the walls of the bottle. Here’s another example as well. In the image another example of a set of 23 olive trees with this irrigation system. Thank you all for watching and see you next time.

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