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Confinement Ep2: The Singing Forest

(Intro Music) (Background Talking) Corn Guy: See, uh… what people don’t understand really about corn is that you dont just, uhh… grow corn, you grow WITH corn. Corn Guy: Now, as a corn farmer, or some people like to call me “Shepard of the Shuck” Guy: No one calls you that. Guard: Mr. Conner, Dr. Mueller needs a test dummy in the bio-hazard center. Conner: Oh thank god. Guy: No, no, wait dont leave me! Corn guy: I see you got a diet coke there.. you know, that has a lot of corn syrup. (Sighs) Dr. Mueller: Ah, yes hello, I’m Dr. Mueller and this is Dr. Mulligan. Dr. Mueller: We’re botanists from the Bio-hazard center of fungal study. Dr. Mueller: Now, due to an incident with the fly traps from venus Dr. Mueller: The botany wing is a little short on test subjects. So, we do apologize for any inconvenience. Conner: It’s cool. Dr. Mueller: This is Dr. Powers, our on-sight shrink and your temporary phsycologist. Conner: What happened to my psychologist? Conner: Is he still trapped in the nightmare dimension? Dr. Mulligan: Um… I think you mean the “night terror” dimension? Dr. Powers: It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Cornwell. Conner: Oh, its Conner…GOD, Dont talk to me about corn right now. Dr. Powers: Conner, sorry. Well, I’m here if you need to talk. Dr. Powers: Formally or casually, and… I promise I won’t be too invasive Dr. Powers: As long as you promise that you’re not secretly a telepathic wizard trying to steal my body. (Coughs) Conner: M’kay. Dr.Muller: Uh… this way, Mr. Conner. Dr. Powers: I’m… uh, gonna get something to drink. Conner: Yeah, get a beer and forget that ever happened, right? Holy sh*t. Dr. Mueller: The outcome of these tests vary among individuals, but not once have we experimented on someone with regenerative immortality. Dr. Mulligan: Just so you know, it’s very likely that you will die at least once listening to the song. Conner: So… what is it? Ed Sheeran? Dr. Mulligan: We can’t hear you, but I’m sure that response was well funny. Dr. Powers: And we’ll be starting the music in 3…2…1… (Tape begins) (Music plays) (Stomach groans) (Retching noises) (Skin tears) (Tape playing over nature noises) (REVIVAL +100) Conner: Christ, I hope this isn’t permanent. Dr. Mulligan: That’s interesting. Dr. Powers: You’re doing great, Conner! Conner: Wow, this all me? Conner: Growing some Buddha sh*t right here. Dr. Mueller: You’ll begin to notice various types of life evolving from your original corpse. Dr. Mueller: They’ll be attracted to the music, so, don’t let them get the speaker. (Grunting noises) Conner: Oh… sh*t we got beats. (Creature sounds) Conner: God, stay the hell away from me. (Loud roar) Dr. Mueller: Unlucky… (Music continues) (Creature roars) Conner: You won’t have my babies! (Creature growls) Conner: Okay, you can have one baby. (Chewing and growling sounds) Conner No, no, no, no, no, no, no! (Creature roars) Conner: Uh, (Growling) Dr. Mulligan: This is…new. (Creature grunts) (Alarm blares) Dr. Mueller: Theres a containment breach. We need to shut down all the- Dr.Muller: Oh dear… (Glass breaks) (Alarm continues) (Music continues as alarm blares) Conner: Stop! Listen! I’m not some tree deity, or a forest spirit, or whatever you think I am. I’m just a guy who is also a tree who couldn’t be killed. (Screaming and saw cutting sounds) (Computer speaking gibberish) Conner: Nah, man you got this. (Glass breaks) (Crash below) (Music continues) Conner: Are we actually doing this? Are we actually leaving? Conner: I’m getting out. (OOF) (Ringing and explosion) Dr. Powers: So… you claim the humanoid entity invaded your mind… Dr. Powers: And convinced you that you wanted to escape the facility? Conner: Is that so hard to believe? Dr. Powers: Well… Conner: Come on. There’s a giant slug downstairs that transforms into your greatest sexual desire… Conner: But this is too much? Dr. Powers: Wait, it transforms? Both: What? Conner: Has it been 30 minutes yet? Dr. Powers: Conner… you can tell me if you wanted to escape. I don’t have to write it down. Dr. Powers: This facility is pretty grim and dark, and they put you through a lot of horrible tests. Dr. Powers: If you’re feeling like “Yo, f**k this,” and fantasize about escaping… then, you can tell me. Conner: I guess I’m pretty… meh… about it? Dr. Powers: Well, it’s a start. (Office chair rolls into seemingly the void) (Edited subtitles by: white boy danger)


  1. Just Tem Author

    So we’re gonna ignore the fact that the song was a real song from a japanese commercial that people said would drive you mad and eventually kill you?

  2. Gacha_moviez Author

    That guy with half his torso being earth i have some questions
    Q1:how does he eat?
    Q2:is there life on the mini earth
    Q3:if theres life on it where do they get sunlight
    Q4:if that earth gets global warming would the guy be in a life threatning fever
    Q5:what if someone touches the earth or the guy falls will it cause tremendous damage
    Q6:does it have an atmosphere
    Q7:does it have a gravitational pull
    Now i have plenty more but heres a few

  3. htomerif Author

    So I have seen every got damn SCP reading from a half a dozen different channels AND just about every independent animation short on the whole of YouTube but I don't learn about this channel until now?

    Fukkin algorithm.

  4. D4RK3RN / D4RKN3SS Author

    Conner is like the Conner from Detroit become human he’s replaceable from his regeneration powers and Conner from Detroit is replaceable from the many copy’s or well more conners


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