Conservation Agriculture in the Philippines

since the 1980s the population of the Philippines has more than doubled to make way for new developments lands for farming continued to decrease in size to compensate farmers resorted to harsh farming practices that increase their yield but were harmful to the environment upon chokolate lamang new sub ant Alan Alan Heung kam zhang zhehan believeth to multiple about semana loggers Nana Muto log Nakba he melosa among cacao en a gang graffiti LNG BIA and yoke matzah mangamma guma nana gamete nasa fagged ro ug Doonan pod and POC to block animals epigram it's a commercial fertilizer salamanca human attempt on ahuna wala give me Magoo na hoona maganda nama kappa mo da cat Osamu NK Utah and K young among jeehyun ahuna open lanta Omaha man and a coon about tucumán become income the Kogi da boom prob'ly McCammon gamma-gamma on glass – Ansel on preparations effect area a mocha bats are lima beans a broom Kalibo capezios para Sabu Munna Amina ordinary gamma-gamma coma booga-booga Keegan Mesa any salmon busa an ingress to Hannah's syncope exorcise me Jesus son I'm gonna hold my open a coon Tanabe son Oh Billy panic Oh goddamit an Abu no naka de gonna come da Rosa coma at Camino Santo Bosa continum Nevada Nokomis idiom cabanas and a Booma panel sat in moola soup a la Simone poor kooky good mikuma Medeiros a beguiling pisanka opa Bajada and i'm up and down the slope with a corrosive carbon soot anima butoh person to sing guinta cotton la da cunha coal 11 de Rohan soup ice on ice a backlight or contour lines most Oceania had ptosis i cinta la dama tag victory amplitude truly cannabis in d2 hood gay and treble suis loss DB geek Alan's Jesus do secret la dama tattooing so keen on up a good mess my you pass a fond of loving mechanic bug adapt oak natural God strip grass strip perineum reduce and muscles and polka band izuta not to do her that was a gnome Kannada maitake to study other doing now hit on a tongue up below Ubu say Saturday boldest over los puedo ver Nicola garden earning a Lola so console nah I could only get analog my hints of magatha lon grammatical go below chemical our own motto about heroes like a dog a la cama Horatio Sabo no chemical my Ohana glissade never me who capital para a pallet judo nele impo Maggie aminos August oh he wrote us a boat no ammo saloon to precisely answer this problem researchers from the world agroforestry Center and its partners develop a new farming system for small farmers that can increase and stabilize their crop yields with modest investments the word a group for Center in collaboration with a suitable agriculture and natural resources management collaborative Richards support program and its partner the North Carolina Agricultural and technical State University Virginia Tech University of the Philippines the La Salle University and the Misamis Oriental State College of Agriculture and technology is developing a new farming system called conservation agriculture VIII's that can help small farmers to restore and plainest eroded and degraded soils in the uplands and consequently increase yields and incomes there are three main principle for practicing conservation agriculture with trees first the soil should be disturbed as little as possible second the soil has to be covered with organic matter like crops crop residues and trees that are compatible with the crops being planted and lastly crops should be rotated and diversified and should make use of leguminous in cover crops and trees that generate additional sources of soil fertility replenishment the word Agra for center and his partner are carefully observing partners experiences in perturbation agriculture VIII's and are designing a new system that combined the best of this practices the intention is to identify promising conservation agriculture production system that dramatically improve soil condition crop yields while keeping labour requirements to a minimum there are six conservation agriculture production treatments are currently evaluated the first treatment is mice plus a rocky spin toy the second treatment is minus plus stuyvesant experiences the third treatment is mice Plus cowpea relate with upland rice the four treatment is my ace plus y spin the PIP treatment is casaba plus a stylus and pH balances and the six treatment is the conventional farmers practice well these experiments are still ongoing a number of farmers have already adopted some of these farming systems their motivations practices and benefits so far very you know Minako bog denim a nice Tyler Santa sack Kasahara Sakuraba I'll earn my tab on Tom cotton books aku Yuta sohna mukhda rocco a pan corona gamut nicole doubler patel Osama is now German economy knows on Hakam trabajo Nepal fig Rihan PUD knock Oh Anita goanna put cumin arrow olonana co-owner disturb all Newton conservation agriculture with trees can help protect the soil by reducing disturbance to a minimum it builds on the indigenous knowledge of zero and minimum tillage farming techniques traditionally practiced by indigenous farmers in the past asana Karan Kapoor Maggie's accompany Nome sama so my copay OG buta Nanako site a Oh chicken Don para Mubarak ANCA Tam box Akunyili by applying fertilizers in same locations every year the land builds up soil fertility over time and because commercial fertilizers are becoming expensive animal and green manures is the better option for small farmers sanim panel Congress a no-good Amagasaki boats upon uma Karen delete Nana Papa gasps oh no good upon Ellen classic Dania mulatto by Mohammed asically dead Selita my own at de vocht wicked energy cupboard drop on upon yatta samus upon the mocha rode upon determinants of money money on economize retention of crap residues and the planting of cover crops stimulate biological activity and improve soil structure for example incorporating Iraqis spin poi reduces soil erosion because of its solar binding effect and in richest soil because of its nitrogen fixing properties as a forage grass it is even by chickens cows carabaos and even fishes it also has good aesthetic volume the can classy and – gitanos a fundamental one a lot of Amagi you don't wanna put condom on my is hook up our feet further I basically get a mana for my harvest put some is fully had enough enough or she'll copy i'm resulta me Jeremiah Ankita too much editor classy and even globally gear omekata bamboo Xia Sobotka on don't get my Hardman and who my karma is Oh God comfy my a sustainer for Japan organic crop diversification also helps reduce the prevalence of pests and diseases which tend to build up under mono cropping systems it increases soil fertility we're including nitrogen fixing legumes such as cowpea farming systems that involve minimum tea lights a retention or addition of crop residues accumulate more carbon than the release the integration of trees in this system also increases the potential to store carbon conservation agriculture VIII's can therefore play a role in the struggle to reduce global warming and Kenya contr bajo mckenna gonggi national crisis tema support on Osama is Diane cowpea dementia lesson Allah put back our visa copy eternal Mandela cosas home I fucka harvest a pizza along my it Pollyanna said una cosa cow can good Nene setting up Omaha gamer do bleep Adama come aboard – I'm over similar surfboard so what I do know con una mochila mía tanam – Putin Kostas Olivo yessuh Coburn said cirhonk o pima cotton poco para SE como se Lyngen naman vasila Nipomo caponata the integration of nitrogen-fixing trees improved soil fertility and increases crop yields the use of tree legumes also helps to suppress we reducing the labor of hand weeding however some additional labor is required to establish and maintain these trees this means that conservation agriculture with trees is generally more labor-intensive than conventional cropping during the initial years of adoption it is important that small holder farmers and other practitioners know and understand the strengths and limitations of this farming system to this end a craft conducts annual farmer's field a to share new information to farmers tocqueville una command i training him in our sake rub me appeal goes away aaron sub my below a knocko my sin typical of Amagi support obama its isaku naquadah to mop Amagi mow intercropping hogan zero tillage an Tom Agee's company intercropping Gaetano motto am i so copy now olonana polar ova table na lang area am beneficio na hoona KOA mama naka Seba cosas labor hey Davina monatomic dar oh yeah no poodle anus at mo bond lasagna tah yo manual boomkin oniony taco food an economy succumb Panem disseminating research-based knowledge and technologies is very important for our extension work it provides our small holder farmers best options and choices of farming systems and technologies based on their interests and needs we do this through farmer field school field demonstration farm fields they hands-on training and many others indeed the Philippine uplands are threatened by food insecurity land degradation and climate change small farmers need science-based solutions to increase the efficiency of their crop production systems solutions that build on the best of local knowledge and practice that are truly accessible and affordable conservation agriculture with trees can provide new options to better care of the land and increase small farmers food production on Komodo Utah my genome dance-a-thon Kapoor Briana goddamn baccarat autonomic omec NL algo para una caída Zapata own support Pongo mod en el gato Naomi applyin a tuna cotton on support Pongo Masato uma poor Aaron McKie tonnato Nadu Nikita eNOS Baba cotton Pokegama Tam Bamako Sakuma no Mumma namazu Nikita's essenti pick me to do Permian Aggies a couple days Hassan rim Finnegan any delay namib analyst and a Tenuta announced in : una mas malok of ammonia at Imani a intercropping mayo and production my y-coordinate Okita Karin daily Paola he and Vernon a new tank 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  1. Mongato Megs

    Dapat Mas maraming estudyanti na ang mag enroll sa farming na course… More farmers… More engineers… More doctors… More teachers… More skilled workers… Iyan ang dapat I priority…

  2. Mongato Megs

    I hope agriculture in the philippines will improve and adopt new technology… More powers to the farmers… Farming in our country should continue and educate them… And have a continue support from the government…

  3. alexis tolosa

    Good day! My group mates and I are wondering if we could use some footage from your video for our school project about Philippine farmers. Don't worry, we'll be putting credits on the video itself. I'm not sure if the video will be posted online though I think it won't. The video is quite old so I'm hoping that I'd still get a response. Sorry to rush, but I hope to get a response by Wednesday. Thank you so much! Have a good day!:)

  4. Mahaingam Jajo

    I'm interested to come and study hill areas farming methods in your institute for i wanted to help change my people who are still practicing the traditional jhoom cultivation .
    Mahai jajo ( India)

  5. Johnny Cachombo

    sad to say now a days f u are not a member of any organization or cooperative, you cannot avail the opportunity of attending different seminar of DA. It seems like "pinipili lng nila ang kanilang mga participant", and the participant is limited.

  6. Andresgary Bigay


  7. jakattah

    I see those slopes and think they should be terraced which could be achieved with vetiver grass. My concern would be large rainfall events.

  8. MaharlikaMuayThai

    and also promoting vertical farming would be a great thing cus it will save a lot of area and landmass for projects like rainforestation farming

  9. MaharlikaMuayThai

    duterte should create jobs as park rangers to protect our tropical rainforest and the inhabitants of it, shoot to kill the illegal loggers and also stopping the illegal pet trade!!!
    mother nature is already striking back all the time

  10. Gio

    bullshit philippines, the corrupt government officials are the ones responsible for illegal logging and some of them now became heroes in acting like they are concerned with environment

  11. Instituto Entheos Advanced NLP & Hypnosis

    What's going on? Why do they start speaking English then cambian para el Español e então usam outra língua que sei lá o que?
    (What's with the language mishmash)

  12. ServantDujmovJr

    "Conservation Agriculture" is not a new idea. It seems to be a spin off from Permaculture. Permaculture has been going on for many years and has a lot of re-searchable history. I think Permaculture can add a lot of valuable knowledge and research to your projects.


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