1. jcvalleau

    This art is great. It reminds me of an artist I found on etsy who hand builds japanese style pottery like raku and kintsugi: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheVillagePotter

  2. Rafał Ciok

    It was an enlightenment to me. My journey through Japanese ceramics goes through tea ware. And it started with a tea bowl by Keichiiro Sho. Do you know anything about this potter? I love this piece, it is really well shaped, Balanced Hagi with snow White glaze. Thank you for your video

  3. Cyndi Krupa

    LOVE this video. Thank you so much for sharing not only the beautiful pottery but your insight into it's creation. I especially loved the inclusion of the photography with it. It has inspired me to look even more closely at nature in my own surroundings in a different more questioning way.

  4. Helen Brown

    I have been a potter for 40 years,and still can’t get enough of noble pots such as those in your collection.you are obviously a dedicated man.but it’s the affection in which you hold these works that touches me.a privilege to share time with you.thank you.

  5. Rod Lacey

    You mentioned that this style of pottery goes back 7000 years, I was under the impression that human history can only be traced back 4000-5000 years, so may I suggest that your information be called Bullshito.


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