1. Ruth Finamore

    I am so inspired by your visit to Korea and this fantastic peek into the world of contemporary potters in Korea. Thank you for the web sites, too. Very helpful!!!

  2. olafursson kyllian

    This is chinese not korean , the korean just copied it .
    And starting the show by showing that you're actually pissed that there are not enough people , damn that wasn't smart, and what a lack of respect for the one who did bother to come, i personally would have left right after this remark .

  3. santa chosun

    뭔가 시도가 되긴하는군요. 한국적이기도 세련된 보편적 디자인이기도 합니다. 도양의 자기는 보편적 서민들의 그릇이기도 했지요.

  4. plathhs

    Very nice presentation! Thanks a lot for uploading!
    Song Ilgeun at the end was a pleasant surprise. What an interesting person!
    And Yi Kanghyo and Yi Inchin are two of my favourite Korean potters as well.


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