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Content Aware Crop In Photoshop Tutorial Hi guys, Colin Smith here from Photoshop Cafe.
You might have seen some of the sneaks and today, I’m going to show you Content Aware
Crop inside of Photoshop. Hey Cafe crew, thanks for watching. This week,
I’m going to show you the Content Aware Crop. Now, this is great for photographs, for when
you’re straightening them to fill in those little edges and things like that, and, also,
where I love this is for panoramas. I love doing panoramas and this is another tool to
make panoramas a lot better and a lot easier to work on. So let’s jump in and have a look
at it right now. All right, let’s have a look at the automatic
Content Aware Tool. So we got Content Aware Crop and we’ve also got it for merging panoramas.
So let’s start with cropping. So here we have a photograph that’s crooked and we want to
straighten it up. So this is, actually, I shot this, I think, in Laguna Beach. And I’m
just going to grab my little Crop Tool here and to straighten it, we grab the Straighten
Tool, and just simply drag it along the horizon, and then, we release it. Now, here’s a problem with that. Look at this,
when we’ve got this set to Delete Crop Pixels, notice this, it’s actually going to throw
away all these information there in our photograph. We’re not going to get those edges because
it needs to crop to those edges, but, however, we can extend beyond that. So if we take these
corners and drag them out, and we’ll drag out the other corner here, and we want to
include the whole photographóso there we go, we’ve got thatóthe problem with that
is look at all these areas where there’s no information, so these will be just filled
in with white, and, previously, we’d have to go in and we’d have to manually try to
fix this. But, now, if we turn on the Content Aware, so this Content Aware Fill is actually
going to fill in these little gaps and let’s make sure that we take it all the way out
to the edges, so we’re going to make it hard for this. Let’s do that right there, and then,
we click Apply the Crop and look what’s going to happen here. So Photoshop here is actually going to automatically
fill those edges with Content Aware Fill and look at that. So there we go. We’ve got a
nice crop there and we haven’t lost any of the information around the edges of our photograph,
so it actually just created those little edges for us. And if you get an area there, where
it looks a little hairy or a little weird, it’s no big deal. Just make a selection around
it, shift the lead for Content Aware Fill and then just click OK, and you can just fill
it good. Touch it up manually. So there we go. So that saves a lot, otherwise, we’d have
this little bit in the middle there and all of that will be gone. Let’s look at the second use for this is when
we’re working in a panorama. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to automate and
we’re going to merge, choose the Photo Merge option, which is where we do panos, and we’ll
just use Auto, and we’re going to browse. So I’ve got this mural that I shot in Chicago
and I’m going to select the four images there we’re going to make it panorama. Click Open
and, now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to choose the Blend Them Together, yes
we do want to do that, but we also want to do Content Aware Fill on the Transparent Areas,
so we’re going to click OK. And this is going to create a panorama, but it’s also going
to fill in the edges. And the other thing that Adobe has done too is they’ve actually
made the algorithm work even better for Content Aware Fill like this than it would be trying
to do it manually afterwards. So you can see around the edges there, those are the areas
that would have been just not in transparent pixels and it’s filled that in. So you can
see it’s done a pretty good job. There’s a couple of areas that might need a little bit
of work. I see that area there. I can make a selection there and just drag it over there.
Actually, why don’t we do this with the Patch Tool, so let’s grab the Patch Tool, make the
selection there, and we’ll go there and fill it in. And, also, it’s a bit weird here, so
why don’t we just make a selection around there and drag that over to there, and release
it. So, as you can see, this Content Aware Crop
is a great tool. It’s going to save you a lot of time and, also, it’s going to get you
some really great results very quickly. So thanks for watching. If you want to become
part of the Cafe crew, hit that Subscribe button right now. We’d love to have you on
board and every week, I’m going to have new tutorials coming right your way. And so, till
then, don’t forget, add a comment, hit the Like button, and until next time, I will see
you at the Cafe.


  1. Andy M. Author

    Hey Colin,really love your Tutorials and very useful tips youre spreading out to us every week, big thumps up !!I got into a Problem concerning panorama shots, which i might want to adress here and hopefully u can help.Ive shot a couple of single shots of a beach in maledives and tried to put them together with the same method youve done in photoshop merge. Unfornatunately there seems to be a little problem in the water between the Transition of two shots where it seems like the algorythm of photoshop cant handle it. I couldve  avoided this by taking more shots (1/3 overlap rule) and by that getting more Options for the algorythm but now i cant turn back time to do that :-(Is there any way i can maybe work on the single shots to help photoshop out so that it might can merge them together correctly ? If it helps, i can send you my single shots and the failure merged shot so that it might gets understood better or even for making another great tutorial on how to fix this ;)Thx so far and greetings from GermanyAndy


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