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Continental Agriculture Testimonial – Arcifa Brothers and AG Tyres & Wheels

I’m Nathan Arcifa, we run a citrus and grape property. We farm on a wide variety of soils with a mix of rich red loam, sandstone and mudstone. The Continental Tractor85’s have minimal impact on the surface. They provide a comfortable ride from vineyard to track and road. Also the mileage we get from these tires is very impressive. The support we’ve got from Ag Tyres and Wheels and Continental has really helped us out on the farm. I’m Mick Carbone. Continental Agricultural Tires have been designed and engineered the suit farmers requirements. Here are the key elements farmers are looking for faster working speeds, less soil compaction, driver comfort, fuel efficiency and longer life. All these points help deliver a healthier bottom line. At Ag Tyres and Wheels we constantly consult with machinery dealers and farmers to deliver the right tire for the right application. There’s more robustness built in to the Continental range of tires. Bead core made of a single piece of steel for better bead endurance and better mountability. The N.flex carcass makes the tire extremely flexible, able to absorb more impacts and ensure better damping in all applications. And lug technology with 5% larger lug surface than standard tires. This leads to higher mileage with the TractorMaster Series. These new design features allow the tire to run at a lower pressure, spreading loads across a larger contact area. At Ag Tyres and Wheels we couple high-quality Continental tires and precision engineered wheels to suit your requirements. It’s great to have Continental back.

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