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Cotton yields good despite tough growing conditions

While it’s definitely not a bumper crop,
Louisiana cotton yields are higher than expected. Wet growing conditions at the beginning of
the season slowed the crop, but better conditions towards the end helped give the crop a needed
boost, especially in north Louisiana. Surprising to me this year, I
guess from a positive standpoint. As you move up the state and leave the central
part of the state and go up north, yields are a little bit better and more consistent. Yields in the central part of the
state suffered from wet conditions throughout much of the growing season. The crop struggled from the beginning and
never caught up. Wet, waterlogged conditions. Cloudy weather, especially when we were in
the squaring stage. We lost a lot of fruiting sites at that time. That had a big impact on what we had on the
bottom part of the plant. Louisiana saw a significant increase
in acreage this year, and it appeared that cotton was on its way back. But the high input costs associated with cotton
and depressed prices are likely to see cotton acres decrease next year. As we kind of look and start to make
plans for next year, I don’t think we will see quite that much. No. 1 is the price situation. We just cannot gain any momentum in getting
that price of cotton up. One bright spot this year is the
quality of cotton is good, which adds a few more pennies per pound to farmer’s bottom
line. So far what we’ve seen, you know,
that’s helped increase the price that the producer receives as well. That’s another positive. Not only getting the crop out but getting
a little bit of a bump on the fiber quality as well. Fromme believes farmers need to
produce nearly 3 bales of cotton per acre in order to be profitable, and that is difficult
simply because of unpredictable weather. With the LSU AgCenter, this is Craig Gautreaux

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