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  1. cathy Trevaldwyn

    Bit less music and the odd subtitle would help – e.g. not instantly apparent using a soldering iron or synthetic material, but having stuck with film some really interesting productions.

  2. Fee Marbs

    I have emailed Margaret Beale to order the fine-tipped soldering iron – that was two months ago and I have not received a reply. Is there anyone else who stocks it?

  3. Colouricious Holidays

    to buy the soldering iron, it is best to contact Margaret Beal directly as she does sell them herself.
    Contact Margaret Beal directly to find out where her textile workshops are running – [email protected]

  4. kiimbathewhitelion

    I have my own soldering iron but am yet to receive the book and try this for myself. Mine has various tips and heats up in seconds. I'm guessing you could use any soldering iron, mine is called 'Sodr*tek by Pace & is made in the USA. Hope this helps =)

  5. Lili1947

    I just "discovered" Margaret Beal's work and it just blew my mind! Now that I bought the book, I'm looking for the soldering iron. To my extreme disappointment, it looks like it's not available in the US! If someone knows where I could buy it, please let me know. I checked the Art Van Go site and sent an email to wich I received no answer. Thanks, Liliane


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