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Create crop and nutrition plans in Decipher

In this video we’ll show you how to get
the most out of our plans feature decipher Plus users can start to
visualize create manage and collaborate on their crop and nutrition plans to put
into action on farm and easily store all of their nutrition requirements in the
one place making logistic planning easier based on your soil results you
can start to work on your crop and nutrition plans to get started click on
plans in the left-hand panel and then the create plan button on the map next
select the season farm and paddock then enter the crop type and target yield and
save you can then start creating a nutrition plan by adding products and
application rates that you’ll use over the season to view your plans click on
the plans icon in the left-hand panel you can view by seasons crop type
product type an application timing by changing the option here in the panel
during the season you can also easily compare your planned crop and product
applications within season growth by overlaying it with the NDVI or ndre
imagery to get a summary of each paddock simply selected on the map you can
easily edit the plan by selecting the pencil icon here to download the plans
simply click the black download report button here for more information on
plans visit our support center

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