1. Bri G

    Bri G
    I used this with a yellow background image, the color isn’t vibrant at all it’s very dull and transparent. I didn’t use the transparent setting online either.

  2. Conversus W. Vans

    These transfer papers are actually not bad *IF YOU USE THE CORRECT FABRIC OR A SHIRT WITH THE PROPER MATERIAL*. You need a light shirt with polyester or a blend of poly/cotton, or else the artwork will peel off like it is nothing. We used a Banana Republic vee made of 100% cotton and my printed anime image didn't stick properly. A Fruit of the Loom white tee with 80% polyester is holding the art like a champ so far though.
    Edit: Unfortunately, the shirt got destroyed after the 2nd time even with the polyester shirt. Overall. I wouldn't recommend this product.

  3. Ollie TG

    If I'm using these to copy Missing Since Thursday should I iron them on then add stitching or just go straight to stitching or better yet is there a different brand of transfer I should use? I've heard these are quite thin and I'm worried they might not work on a pair of pants

  4. ppdrawings

    These transfers have been changed over the years…
    They worked very well years ago but now they're just garbage!!

  5. Donovan

    I wouldnt recommend these. Wasted two papers upon printing. Plastic came off the paper inside the printer and the images came out horribly.

  6. Lynn Michele

    I had the worst experience with these. They didn’t transfer completely for half page designs. And when they did transfer completely, one wash and they were ruined by cracking and peeling. Avery needs to fix this. I’ve ruin 5 school shirts with these.

  7. Kalon Young - Royal Orchard MS (1483)

    These worked horribly I would not recommend this to anyone at all I tried again and again to transfer an image and it came out splotchy 😡😡😡

  8. kailseigh barnes

    hello, I was wondering if i could over lap the transfer sheets when I'm ironing them onto a shirt? to make a sort of big collage effect. and if I am using a white shirt and there is still some transfer paper around the edges of my image when i put it onto the shirt, with you be able to see the transfer paper once it done? thanks!

  9. Kristin Cortez

    Don't follow washing instructions. Totally ruined All 15 shirts that I made for an event that is in less than a week. I'm very upset that Avery Products advertise on their video that you can get "professional" quality by washing your shirts! Pictures are peeling off and ink washed out and onto shirts in random spots. Lost over $100 in purchase for shirts/ink/and your Avery products. Plus the time spent for nothing. Thanks Avery Products for you top notch "professional quality" Products.

  10. Andrew Yarbrough

    I know it's made for a blend but I bought these without realizing the shirts I bought were 100% cotton. Will it still work?

  11. Jason J

    can this work with a regular printer, I got Avery but didn't notice it said inkjet, so should I go to my local staples to print it out or can it work

  12. Alex Cordero

    Quick question: I am making a halloween costume and would like to know if I can use this product to transfer a logo onto a 95% polyester / 5% nylon stretchy shirt. Thanks in advance! 🙂


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