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¿ Crisis económica de Europa para 2020 ? – IberoPistacho

Hello how are you. The person who speaks to you is Juan Gallego, Manager
and Technician of IberoPistacho. In this video I will talk about the possible
crisis ahead. We all know that the economy is cycles,
the cycles of life, just as there are cycles that we all know of autumn, the
Summer, winter, spring. Well, in the economy, there are cycles, cycles of
bonanza and cycles otherwise. Are we at the door of a new crisis? we do not know. Are there indications of this? Yes, there are indications
and the “trade war” that we all know between China and the United States surely not
He’s minimizing what I’m saying On the contrary, it is an accelerator. Brexit, for example, is an obvious accelerator,
there is. If in the end the Brexit fruit is going to
Accelerate this possible crisis. It will make it stronger. It is going to be more shocking. The European Central Bank, the ECB, is getting
More and more money in the market. But those who understand a little economy
You know this is not the solution. This leads to a problem, although you can
Consider as a patch. It is obvious, but it is not the solution The solution
It is in another, in another way, in something else. In the European Union there are already indications, for
example, Germany. We have always listened and we have always said
which is the engine of the European economy, because It is losing, it is losing strength. It is, let’s say, breaking the forecasts
that there was and that then we have to worry. But beware, we have to worry to some extent
point, because this is natural to happen, It’s like that. The cycles are the cycles and the fact that
this happens because it has to strengthen us, you have to prepare us to know how to navigate
with “these winds”. When crises come, money, this
We have heard it more than once, it becomes fearful. And where does the money go when it becomes fearful? To safe places, to shelters. What is the best refuge from our
point of view? The land, agriculture. Throughout history, the value of the
Earth has always been in ascending line, even in serious situations like wars, the
Earth has always been in ascending line, with which we can say that, from our
point of view, it is the safest asset. The earth is an asset is a good so to speak
in some way that does not suffer wear, by example, a business premises, a home
suffers wear, the earth does not. And then it’s true and true that to get
profitability of the land be dry, be irrigation. Whatever the crop, we need to wait
a time, it’s true, but believe me, it deserves the sorrow. Is it a product or is it a finite asset the
land? It is, obviously. Earth there is. What’s more, there is less and less Why? because the urbanizations, the roads,
the industrial estates are reducing this surface, with which, eye, every day
More becomes a scarce commodity. And, above all, the good lands, the lands
fertile, the lands that are profitable. If we are to talk about volatility, which is
the opposite of what the earth is, the bag of values. The opposite of the stock market is
its opposite. Invest in land, invest in agriculture. We also protect ourselves against inflation. It is a fact. There are the historical data. Well, we have already made it clear that invest
on land is from our point of view smart, it’s a safe value, it’s a value
that will always be there and it’s a value That will go to more. Now, within agriculture there are many
lines to follow. This horticultural line is the cereal line,
is the cattle line, is the line wine or wine, olive or olive. But we because we bet, we bet
for the crop, for the sector that further has, what more projection does it have, which is
The one with the pistachio. Bet on the pistachio. I also have to tell you that there is a
crop, in this case woody, that adapts Well, what we call dry Spain. It is the pistachio. Why? Because we have a problem with water here
in Spain and there is a crop that brings out the maximum profitability per liter of water
that we have available to be able to use it, there is no other crop that is more profitable,
there is no other crop where we get more efficiency to water than in the cultivation of pistachio. I’ve talked about efficiency, but I also
I say that it is a plant that in dry land goes phenomenally well. Its root system comes to represent 2.5
Foliar volume times. It is a plant that is considered as the
desert tree and that in borderline situations lack of water is capable of profitability
to arid lands. The studies we have tell us that this,
unfortunately, it will not go less, it will go to more. The water is going to be less and this water
every time it will be more complicated for the farming. What does this mean, that water, first
they have to be for humans and then for agriculture and livestock. But here, in this case, we have the possibility
to take advantage of this water that we have available, make the most of it. With this crop, pistachio cultivation. Thank you for being there listening to us,
following us twenty-four hours, the seven days a week Without you, it would not be possible to do these
informative, informative videos. I invite you to go to our channel of
Youtube, to the blog, to the website, which you register, that you use both the contents
private as public content, are for you. They are free and are at your disposal. Thank you. Again, pass it pistachio.

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