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– [Narrator] Crop circles. Are these colossal complicated
patterns left behind by extraterrestrials? Or are those
mysterious mowed fields just a manmade alien hoax? It’s a question asked by anyone who’s ever seen those strange, otherworldly circles
and wondered, where do crop circles come from? Let’s find out on
today’s episode of – [Commanding Voice]
Colossal Mysteries. – [Narrator] As
you probably know, crop circles are
giant strange shapes mainly made up of circles that are mysteriously
cut into fields of crops all across the globe,
sometimes seemingly overnight. The shape stamped into
the field by crop circles are usually so precise that they look as though
they were made by a machine, or at least someone who
can see them from above. Many of us assume that crop
circles have been around for a long time, yet most experts agree they
didn’t appear until the 1970s. Of course, there are
those who dispute that. Crop circle conspiracy devotees point to several anecdotal
accounts from the past as possible examples of
historical crop circles. For example, in 1678, an English pamphlet
was published entitled, “The Mowing Devil,” or “Strange
News out of Hertfordshire.” It tells the story of a farmer
who refused to pay a worker to mow his field, telling him, he’d rather have the devil
mow it than pay the man. According to the pamphlet, that night, the farmer’s
field was set aflame. But the next morning, it was mysteriously found
to be perfectly mowed in a way no man
could accomplish. The story along with a
picture in the pamphlet has led some conspiracy
theorists to point to it as the first recorded
example of a crop circle from 300 years ago. The next curious case
in crop circle history took place in Tully, Queensland
Australia back in 1966. According to reports, a local farmer saw a
large flying saucer rise 30 feet in the air out
of a swamp and fly away. A bit curious, the farmer investigated the
spot where the saucer had been and reportedly found a circle
of flattened grass and reeds. Some conspiracy
theorists believe that
this points to aliens as a likely culprit for
creating crop circles, but an investigation by
police, a local university, and the Australian Air Force
concluded that the incident likely had some kind
of natural cause, like a whirlwind or waterspout. The first real examples
of full-on crop circles started popping up across the
quaint English countryside in the 1970s, and from the
start, they puzzled the locals. Newspapers all around England were covering the strange
story, and before long, an international crop
circle sensation was born. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, as media coverage of
crop circles grew, both the number of crop circles and their complexity
skyrocketed. Some of the most elaborate
even illustrated strange and complex
mathematical equations. Okay, so crop circles might
not be as old we like to think, but it still doesn’t
answer the question, where are they coming from? Are crop circles some
kind of paranormal event or just an elaborate prank? There are those who believe
that extraterrestrials are responsible for
creating crop circles. Perhaps they’re imprints
left behind by UFOs or alien symbols marking
different areas around Earth. Other more scientifically-minded
people explain them away as the result of powerful
wind patterns, energy fields, or more often than
not, outright hoaxes. In fact, it was proven
in the early 1990s that most, if not, all crop
circles were manmade pranks. You see, in September of 1991, two British rabble rousers named
Doug Bower and Dave Chorley admitted that they
were behind many of England’s most
famous crop circles and had personally
created hundreds of
them since late ’70s. Ever since Bower and Chorley
admitted to their hoax, just about every known crop
circle has been chalked up to copycat pranksters
trying to cause a stir. And yet, even still, there are those who believe that humans could
never carve out one giant elaborate
crop circle that fast without someone
noticing them making it. And for those who believe, that means that a mysterious
something or someone must be making them. We’ll let you
decide for yourself. (playful music)


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