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CROP Hunger Walk Local Event Planning

(upbeat music) – [Presenter] Good morning. This is Faith in Our Hometown, brought to you as
a community service and sponsored by
Mercy Hospital Joplin. And now, here’s your
host, Father J. Friedel. (upbeat music) – Good morning everyone,
and if you’re watching this, it’s 6:30 in the morning. It is a very early morning
on a beautiful October day. ‘Cause isn’t every
day beautiful? Okay, well we’re welcoming
you to Faith in Out Hometown, our regular weekly conversation. And I’m so thrilled that many
of you join us every week to hear what we’ve found for you in terms of guests and
people to come in to talk. We’re gonna talk
to day about one of those awareness programs that’s been being done
in the United States for quite some time. I had not witnessed
it here in this area, and I’ve been here now
a little over 13 years, but it was something that I
encountered a long time ago, when I was in Cape Girardeau,
when I first got there. One of the first things I got
involved in in Cape Girardeau on the campus was a CROP Walk. And so I have a
guest here today, he’s one of our local
Methodist ministers, Clint Lambeth, who’s the
chairman of the Ozark Area CROP Hunger Walk and we
are gonna be right back after this Mercy Minute to
talk a little bit about that. So stick around and
we’re gonna be right back after this Mercy Minute. – You don’t realize how
much weight you put on until it’s gone. I’m Katie Dahl, I work
in the emergency room at Mercy Joplin, I’m a nurse. I’ve been there for eight years. I love my job, I think I have
the best job in the world ’cause I get to take care
of people every single day. I had gastric bypass
surgery almost a year ago. I have lost a total
of 130 pounds. 30 pounds I lost before
surgery with diet and exercise. It’s not been easy. The surgery definitely has
helped it come off easier, but I still have to
watch what I eat, still have to exercise. I have a lot more energy,
I can move around. My body doesn’t ache
anymore like it used to. I was pre-diabetic and now
my blood sugars are all good and I’m not worried about
being pre-diabetic anymore. I feel like I was when I
was younger in high school and in my teenage years. Just getting back to
where I feel comfortable in my own skin now. (gentle music) – Well again, thanks for
joining us this Sunday morning for Faith in Our Hometown. My guest this
morning, Clint Lambeth who is a local
Methodist minister and the chairman of the
Ozark Area CROP Hunger Walk. So first, Clint, tell us a
little bit about yourself. Where are you a pastor again, and you know, might as well get that out there as
a little shout out to your community,
your congregation. – All right, yes, I’m the
pastor at Central United Methodist Church in Webb City. I’ve been there for
seven years now. I’m from Lebanon, Missouri. – [Father J] Okay. – So I really enjoy the– – [Father J] Transplant. – Yes, yes, sort of. And I really like the
area and the congregation and it’s just a great
place to minister. – Yeah, well it’s
good to have ya. I’m kinda about doubled
you in time in the area, but I too was a transplant
so it’s all good.

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