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CSU Ag Adventure – Third-graders learn about the impact of agriculture on their lives

(upbeat rhythmic music) – I grew up in downtown Chicago. I didn’t know anything about ag. All I knew is I liked cows, and I remember aching
for something like this. – He feels soft. – So Ag Adventure Day is essentially where we bring out over 2,000 students from all over Fort Collins
and Poudre School District, and we take them out to ARDEC which is a regular,
working, operating farm. – [Alex] We teach them anywhere from sheep to cattle to horses. – Pony. You’re close to a horse though. – [Woman] You’re a big pony. – To food safety to farm
safety to soil and crops. This event is very near
and dear to my heart because I am not from an
agricultural background. – [Thomas] Oh, it’s incredible. They love seeing the animals. They love the exposure to the drones. They’re so excited. They’re so enthusiastic. – Kids need to be outside and they need to learn
where their food comes from. – Well I think they
learn a little bit more about their social
connection with the food. It’s not just something you
get at the grocery store. – We get beef. – To have CSU students
do this let’s my kids see what they might be in the future. They can find out that
I can go into business, or I can learn about animals. – ‘Cause I like rams and I
like how they have big horns. – It is the best thing
I’ve ever done for myself. So, it changed my life, I changed my major to ag education, and this is what I was meant to do. So when I turn around and I see these kids learning about fruits and veggies, and I have kids over here learning about agricultural technology, I’m just so excited for them. My heart is so full and I’m so happy that they’re able to be here today. (cow moos)

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  1. Michel Thibault Author

    I saw my daughter Savannah. She looks very sad. I can only imagine what she is going through not being able to see her dad. I miss you baby girl.


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