Cultivating Excellence: Cherokee Middle School

Cherokee is off to a great start this
year. The feeling when you walk through the door there’s an excitement, kids are
happy to be here, they want to come, they’re excited to see the teachers,
excited to see each other. Things are just more engaging I mean he’s really enjoyed
some of the hands-on work he’s doing in science I think some of that just comes
with getting older and being able to do more thing. There’s been positive
feedback from the community as well as the faculty and staff. Well we’ve
done a lot of work around our social emotional feelings with the kids,
with the staff. We we did a lot of relationship building, there’s a lot of
transparency why we have the rules we have and I think all of that contributes.
We hit the ground running. I think the kids also wanted to make it a good year
and it came togethe. To truly have students college and career-ready that
writing is essential, imperative so therefore we have a big push for
argumentative writing where students are exciting and this is what the colleges
are looking for in the students are able to cite their information whenever they’re
trying to persuade or make an argument. Well I think there’s maybe just been
more communication and more attempts at engagement from parents trying to make
parents and Families feel welcome when they come in and making it a little less
formal and just trying to find new ways to engage. We’ve got extra things that
they’re doing in social studies they’re doing the african-american history Bowl
in the science programs we’re doing science cohorts we’re doing the science
symposium there’s all kinds of extra things going on in addition to school
that plays into making school fun. The staff here seems very dedicated to going
above and beyond so a lot of times they’re at activities that are outside
of the school day which is really nice and there’s definitely an opportunity if
you take it to get invested in Cherokee.

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