Cultivating the Pure Prophetic Flow: SURGE VLOG 010

I know what yes it’s the infamous ride
to the airport and a mocking spirit has manifested in oh in our midst so yes as
I said the infamous ride to the airport stay tuned we are heading to Chattanooga
makes me think of a choo-choo train I have no idea why
Chattanooga never ministered in Chattanooga we’re going to the ranchers
prophetic cultivation to k18 with a good friend Ryan Johnson and of course my
spiritual father bishop bill Hammond the one the only the legend infamous ride to
the airport here we go headed to Chattanooga Wow that’s not like your car too much
leaving me easier you see all these women act this is
called road rage and we’re really we’ve been working on deliverance pitmasters
here with the road rage issue whoever she has the spirit of so here we are we try to do the
Chattanooga Tennessee thanks my second time in Chattanooga and the last I don’t
know month or two and you know we’re here for the prophetic cultivation
conference which excites me because we need to cultivate a prophetic atmosphere
a prophetic culture at our churches in our nation and we really need to just
press in to the prophetic and there’s not enough teaching on it so I’m excited
to be with Bishop bill Hammond and the rest this weekend but right now we need
some coffee and very bad way so stay tuned coffee process coming up I think
it’s now time to try this is what I do with all of the wonderful gift cars as
well to me seriously ever I pay for a cup of coffee again you know what I used
to give away Starbucks card anyway I gave them way to everybody all
the time and now you see you request yourself Starbucks on the house are you
thank you well you see I didn’t show you my coffee
detail we did show you some coffee things we do have coffee the issue is we
have no ecology now this is a serious issue because I am on a special kind of
diet it’s not a type in a way that I live in a way that I eat I’m out of
collagen so we are hunting down a Whole Foods and it’s like like searching for
the Holy Grail I tell you here in the traffic before
I’m minister must have collagen this is what keeps my skin looking so fresh and
clean clean so fresh and so clean clean yes I said it so we’re going go with us
to Whole Foods Market praise God there to more than a 20-mile distance look at
this I’m sitting in my new beginning how prophetic is this I’m sitting in my new
beginning left me so here in the spirit even aprajita what hey guys Chattanooga prophetic
cultivation day – God is pouring out dreams and visions on his people at an
unprecedented rate he is highlighting the seer ministry and
so I’m leaning towards seers I’m leaning towards dreamers it’s all in the same
realm of the prophetic but stay tuned you’ll see little bits eclipse a prophet
Vanessa will be manning the camera we’ll see you on the other side hey guys
taking a little break from the conference we went makeup shopping I got
some new makeup now we’re going to get back to my earring my diamond earring
that fell we lost the backing in what country where we live in London we’re in
London we lost the back you so we’re going to get a new one back to the
conference tonight so unfortunately in my book is sold out
along with Alexander Pagani’s book on the secrets to deliver it’s my new book
101 tactics for spiritual warfare came out at the same time both hitting number
one both our books sold out in Barnes &
Noble we have time ago V Christian bookstore I love bookstores I have found a Christmas like the Holy
Grail do you hear angels singing I’m on a
quest to find my new buddy I just finished ministry in chat and have
approached some witchcraft talking about alignments listen a life is Rp in your
life you know whatever you’re connected to flows over October I can tell you the
cockroach story don’t have time you’re listening to this vlog and you don’t
know the cockroach story email my office and we’ll send you an article or you can
google it and find the cockroach story online and who you are connect that you
really really matters who has access into your life that you heart gets your
mind really really matters I’m so blessed we connected with so many
new out there through the night network and Whelan plays contending together not
going to content with us bacon of this avocado you know I just want to
encourage you you know you have a prophetic voice that you hear me say
this over and over and over I’ve been teaching this weekend on the prophetic
on the dreamers anointing press in to this realm God has more for you he
doesn’t want you to be in the dark I want to encourage you you don’t have to
have some high holy title or some deep special extraordinary miracle-working
anointing to hear the voice of God to see what he’s trying to show you I want
to pray for you right now in the name of Jesus that your eyes would be opened
like never before but you would hear see and say like never before that you would
have a confidence in your ability to hear from the Lord and I just released a
prophetic spirit over you in the name of Jesus and I encourage you and get the
training and you get the equipping you need shout out to me if I can help you I
love you guys hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of search


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