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Custom Kona Triathlon Tech | Ironman World Championships 2019

– Kona is, the big dance of the
year in the triathlon world. There’s not really any other
race comes close to it. So, on that note, pretty much
all of the brands do something a little bit special in the expo. So, we’re going to take a wander
in there to find the special stuff that has been made specifically, or custom should
I say, for Ironman Hawaii. (technology sound) (upbeat music) So, what better way to kick
off a Kona custom expo tour, than the Kona edition Ventum One. Ventum, being the bike partner for Ironman World Championships here, so. We got this completely
unique, and special paint job here on this Ventum. Which, looks stunning. So, hopefully we see a few of
them out on the racecourse. Another quick point to
note about the specific hydration carrier that you
have here on these Ventums. That one here is yellow, but
you can choose your own color aprantly, when you choose a Ventum. And, then they’ve got a whole
array of different colors here that you can see as well. If you wanted to change
your color box as well. So, Roka is the swim
partner for Ironman Hawaii and, they have decided to
create this entire range of everything you need
for being in the water, or beside the water at the beach. In their colors and designs
for this 20 9 Ironman Hawaii. So, we’ve got towels here,
swimming caps, swimming trunks, swimming cossies, board shorts. Everything really you need,
I guess to feel like you’re really getting into the swing
of being here in sunny Hawaii. So, we find ourselves at
the Rudy Project stand now. And, this is right at
the center of the expo, here in Hawaii. You can hear all the
hubbub going on behind me, but literally right behind
me you can see the special Kona edition helmets that
Rudy project are selling here in the expo. And, there’s some really nice
designs that you can see here. All specially wrapped as
they call the technical term for covering a helmet in
your own specific design. And, there is a company that
is doing that for Rudy Project, and it’s called Birdworx. You can see their little logo
here, and they’re a company based in Calafornia, and they
can essentially, the owner was telling me, wrap anything. Helmets obviously included. In a design that you can come up with, or they can come up with. And, right up there you
can see a frame that has their wrap design from
one of these helmets. Highlighted, just in
a different fashion so that you can really get an
idea of all the matching colors that you can have. You can have your helmet,
your bike, even your wheels apparently wrapped in all the same design. Which, for some people is a really, really slick trick to do. (upbeat music) So, we’re here at the BlueSeventy stand, which is a swimwear company that’s pretty synonyms with doing fun things in Hawaii. For example, every year in the harbor they have a coffee boat that
sits a few hundred meters off the pier that swimmers
start on race day. And, you can swim out there, grab yourself a little shot of coffee. Which, I’ll be honest does taste a little bit funny with the
salt water in your mouth. But, that’s a fun thing that
loads of people like to do. And, they’ve got some T-shirts here which have got the coffee
boat logo on there. So, that’s fun. Another fun thing is what they’ve done with their standard cossies,
and swimming trunks, and jammers for the men. They’ve added Hawaiian themed designs. So, got some pineapples
here on this cossie. We’ve got some palm trees. You can see them on the trunks behind me. And, they’ve also added flowers onto some of their designs as well. So, very Hawaiian. – Right, I’m just going
to jump in here now and take over Fraser’s video for a second. Just because I’ve spotted this. So, this is this Sebastian
Kienle’s Scott plasma paintwork for the Ironman World Championships
here in Kona this year. This obviously isn’t his bike. It’s got a different
cockpit on his bike etc. But, this is the same paintwork which is really, really nice. In addition to that we’ve
also got Zipp 858 wheels in custom colorway to
match the paintwork here. And, of course with his name on. Imagine that. – So we’re here at the
Felt stand, and you can see behind me there’s quite
a lot of the worlds top pro athletes chatting to the media. So, we managed to grab Josh
Amberger from Australia who is very well know for his
swim speed out in the water. In fact, first out of
the water here last year. This is his race suit that
is made by his sponsor Wattie Ink, and this is
what he will be wearing under his swim skin when
he’s out in the water. Now, both this race suit
that you can see here, and his swim skin have got custom printed flower designs that mean something to him. Because, as he tells me, he’s a little bit of a horticulturist hobbyist. He’s a fan of the flowers. So, he’s got the eucalyp flower on here. Which I have heard of, but this bright yellow
one is the wattle flower. Now I don’t know much
about Australian flowers, so that was new to me. And, just some other really
nice colors on there too. And, Josh basically said,
“they’re pretty, I like having them on my suit, and
I’m in Hawaii, so why not?” And, really nice big hit. Almost it seems every pro
athlete is lucky enough to have something custom
with either their kit, and, or their bike frame. Well, Josh Amberger has both of those. He has custom kit for
racing, and he’s got custom paint on his Felt AR TT bike. So, can see that here right behind us. That’s his chosen color
scheme for here on race day, and it’s certainly different. Those of you that follow the channel will maybe have seen this bike before. Because, we featured it in
our ocean side tech tour back in April time. So, here it is again, so. Unmissable frame design,
but there is a couple of little additions to this
that I want to chat about. First up here we’ve got
here some ceramic OSPW oversized chain rings that match the color scheme on the frame. So, that’s always a fun
little addition to bikes, but the helmet. I hadn’t spotted the
helmet that was being worn last time that we saw the bike. But, that helmet there has a really interesting story behind it. Great grandfather of the
rider that owns this bike was stationed here in Pearl
Harbor, on the Hawaiian Islands during World War two. The plane he flew had that
design on the side of it. So, all in all, pretty eye catching. Not going to be missed
on any transition area. So, glad that we could feature it. (upbeat music) Right we’re here at the
Wattie Ink stand now. And, this place is bursting with color, and really exciting designs. It’s kind of what this
brands really well known for, and they’ve stamped
their mark on the market in terms of designs that
nobody else is coming up with. So, this bright yellow
that you can see here. Well, that’s been on the go all season. But, they have come up with
this new Hannah design, which they have made specially for Kona. It is Japanese inspired,
but the floral design has definitely got lots
of associations with what you get out here in Hawaii as well. So, very fitting, and
this is that design that you’ll see probably quite
a few athletes wearing from now on. – All right, it’s me jumping in again on the custom Kona tech talk. Because, we’ve got a couple of
exciting products from Kask. And, were going to start
with this helmet here. This is the Utopia. We’ve got a turtle on the front here, and a nice subtle Kona on the back. Nice white with some
nice vibrant graphics. But, not so overstated that you wouldn’t want to
wear this all year round. Now, this is actually a really good option for here in Kona. Because, it is an aerodynamic helmet, but it’s got plenty of ventilation. But, if you really want to go
down the aerodynamic route, then we have this. This is the Bamino Pro Evo. Which, we don’t actually
see all that much of. It’s the same shell as the Bambino, just with a slightly longer tail with a little bit of a curvature on there. The same graphics. This helmet in fact, was
actually developed with some pro cyclists. Team Ineos have been riding with it. But, yeah a superb helmet. And then, In addition to that
we’ve got these Hilo glasses. I’ve just got one set here
in quite a colorful color. These are my summer glasses. So, here we are in
Fi’zi:k booth at the expo. And, what we’ve got behind
us here is a collaboration between Fi’zi:k and Ventum bikes. And, Fi’zi:k Tran Zero
shoe has had that colorway for some time. But, with this collaboration they’ve taken that colorway, with the
blue, the white, and the red, and a bit of the black. And, created a colorway
for the Ventum One. That’s the standard Ventum One race bike. So, you can see that kind
of nice colorway through the frame set, and then
mimicked again up there on the Fi’si:k saddle on the bike too. Now, if you are so inclined
and have the spare cash. This whole package here is available for 10 and a half thousand dollars. So, we’re here at Deboer
wetsuit stand, and this is a new piece of kit that I haven’t seen yet from the guys here at Deboer. This is their Tsunami Speed
Suit, which I’m quite certain, a very select few, very fast
pro athletes, like Yamferdina will be wearing this on race day. But, another athlete
that will be wearing is, Laura Sudale from the UK. And, you might be
wondering why we’re looking at this one here. Which, although is very
nice, isn’t custom. Because, Laura actually has a
custom one that has been made by an artist adorning all sorts
of quotes, or motivational quotes that she asked some
of her fans to send in. And, they’ve printed
all over the swim skin for her to wear on race day. So, that was a whistle stop
tour of the expo here in Kona. And, we’ve got our hands on
quite a lot of very custom kit, that hopefully you guys enjoyed seeing. So, please give us a thumb up like button if that was the case. Find the globe on screen
if you want to get all the other content that
we have here on the channel. And, if you want to see another
video about here in the expo. Well, you can find that here.


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