1. Ted's Tarantulas And Other Inverts

    Thanks again for such an informative video Tom! I’ve been eyeing these guys for a while now, and I finally bought a 3” Female Cobalt blue as my first OW today at an Exotic Pet Show. Cheers 🙂

  2. Danny Bailey

    Hey Tom! I’ve always been big into tarantulas and I just got a C. Lividum. This is my first that requires a moist substrate. How often would you suggest misting the substrate? I made sure to give her plenty of water in the dish but I don’t want to make the dirt too moist or too dry.

  3. Vlad Melnikov

    Hey Tom I have had my young lividum for only a short 4 months and its into the winter months now. I have kept a space heater in there however, I came back from work after a few days and the heater just died. I quickly bought a new one only to find that the HL was moving very very slowly. Showing no obvious signs of molting do you think he/she Is okay or it's too late?

  4. Nicole Fischer

    Hey tom, new to the tarantula world lol. I love all these beautiful spider's. I don't know much, I was just wondering why you haven't seen her for a year? Is that a normal thing? If you said it on the video I may have missed it.

  5. Antonio's Youtube Channel

    Had to come back and watch this. Mines just sitting out. Any advice? She has a very deep starter burrow she's webbed up near enough everything and she's still sitting out in the open lol

  6. Gemma Sharman

    hi tom i have just found ur videos so i am watching all of them lol… I have 2 Chilean rose tarantulas 1 male and 1 female… My female molts regularlly but my male has only molted twice in the 2 years i have had him… he eats and drinks well should i be concerned about him not molting more often? I also have an orange baboon and again she eats and molts as she should but i never see her lol… ty again for the wonderful videos keep up the excellent work xxx

  7. Squirrely Squirrel

    Can you give me any advice on Haplopelma vonwirthi? I'm receiving a 5-inch female next week. How deep should substrate be? Is peat moss okay? This is my first-ever Old World tarantula. Also, is it Haplopelma or Cyriopagopus?

  8. sNstRchaOs

    My first T was a H. Lividum years ago when I started in this hobby, it's what got me into the hobby. I have amazing spiders and to this day the Cobalt is special to me, and I have the most of these than any other specie, and it's exactly what you said, it's a boring specie, it's not all showy, but that 2 or 3 times a year you DO see them, it's awesome! So worth it. Mine are all very mean and aggressive, it's the only specie I have that has ever charged me, and does so on a regular basis…little bit nerve racking, but worth the stress lol. Beautiful specimen bro.

  9. HouseOfGeckos

    Beautiful looking girl. The female I had 10 years ago was that classic 'pet hole' as well. I'm going to have to get this species again. I'm re-entering the hobby after a 10 yr hiatus. Love your videos.

  10. Alicia Tafoya

    Awesome video! my C. Fasciatum sling has just gotten very comfortable with her burrows and she only comes out to molt or grab food. Look forward to seeing more burrowing species!

  11. ToySoldierCNG

    Out of all the keepers I follow on youtube you might be the only one, or perhaps one of two, that use specific mixtures of stuff for substrate. Most of the people I watch are content using the basic coconut fiber. Is there any real benefit to one over the other? Or is it just personal preference to a degree?

  12. Essie Rosenthal

    What is a red racer? I think that is what you said. I think I would find it so scary to not see one of my tarantulas for a year, but I am too much of a hover mother to them.  Thanks for another great video.

  13. Arachnophilia

    Man she (hopefully) is a beauty. Think am def going to get a sling soon.

    I guess moisten the subs is just done by eye…would you perhaps avoid watering much near where she has made her den? I think I saw you use a water bottle with holes in the top. I guess for it to dry out takes a week perhaps?

    (so far my coco/vermi mix still has moisture I think from over a week n 3 days + or _)((I got them on the 13th)).

  14. Jane Smith

    Such a pretty girl:) if you want to see her more ,you might want to rehouse her in a "hablotank" ( that's what they called them here before the name change. They are high and narrow,so you can watch her like ants in a ant farm. Tarantula keepers guide also has a setup with a box in the middle of the dirt,so they'll build their 3room,kitchen,bath around it,and you can see her more. Once a year is definitely not often enough for my taste:)


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