Dairy: A Family Passion

Raising a family on a dairy farm,
there isn’t much much better of a life in my opinion. Here you’re outside, you’re
working with nature it’s a great environment for kids, you know, to learn
work ethic and and to learn how the responsibilities of taking care of
animals. Growing up on a dairy prepared me for everything in life – the hard work, the dedication, to having a responsibility every day. My earliest memory on the dairy farm was that I was sitting on my dad’s knee driving the
tractor with the steering wheel. I think that’s a very important aspect of
agriculture life is that that we teach our kids to work, we teach them strong
values and how to care for the animals and the land. I loved being able to have the hands-on family business that that we had growing up. Having that
responsibility has helped me in so many ways. I grew up in agriculture and I’ve
always had a passion instilled with me to to provide as much as I can back to
agriculture because it’s been such a piece of my life. It’s it’s a really a family way of life some days are really hard it’s a snowstorm and you’re still out working, but you’re all out in it together. It’s sort of a dream come true, you know, to get to have your own children involved in
something that you’ve spent your entire life at doing. These family farms we’re doing working hard every day and we’re treating the cows right and producing a
wholesome product and we just hope that that the consumers would have confidence and trust in what we’re doing. We’re proud to accept the responsibility to
provide a wholesome product for families all across America.

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