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Dairy farming | Malappuram | വ്യത്യസ്‌തനായൊരു ക്ഷീരകര്‍ഷകന്‍

Namaskaram, welcome to another episode of Organic Keralam. Today’s episode is distinctive in nature. We are now in valancherry in malappuram district, to interview a farmer called Areekadan Kunju moideen. Today we are going to introduce you a dairy farm consists of cows and goats. In the past also we had done some videos about farms. This farm stands unique, because of the cattle feed, he gives is totally different from the contemporary method. That is what we are going to get to know out of this advent. We can ask him how he marketing them in a profitable way And how he feeds and fatten these cattle giving them a typical cattle feed. So viewers watch this video and do comment in the box. Let us meet Mr.Kunju moideen. Hello sir, how you entered in to this field of cattle breeding? we are traditionally farmers by profession. We had cows and buffalows with us already. So the interest was already in me. I had been in the gulf for a long time. How many years? Nearly 32 years. oh it is really a huge period! Yes I had been with my children there. When did you settle here in Malappuram? I settled here four years ago. So within four years, you have set up a diary farm right? No I had stepped in to this business only before two years. Even though we had maintained cattle hereditary, the concept for a farm derived only before two years. But within two years you have secured some awards right? Yes I have got a second prize from our state government. It is the first award to our district. Then I got award regarding high yield in milk. Next award was from Milma society. So I got numerous awards for this farming. Actually this is the highly satisfactory job to do. What is the name of your farm? “The Organic Milch”.. So the cattle- rearing here is done organically as a whole, right? Yes indeed. The word milch is from German language meant to milk. So we would like to know about this farm from our organic keralam team sir. How many cows you are maintaining here? Now I have 13 cows with me. Which are the strains you breed here? Pear gear, Holstein, Touch-up etc. Do you have Jersey with you? No, I don’t have. Which bull type you have? Ghir strain. I had a big bull earlier. It gained enormous weight of 5 quintal. So it became effortful to maintain it. Hence I averted that bull to breed. Now I am rearing a Ghir bull. So can u mate the ghir bull with HF breed cows? Yes I used to. Do you find shortage of milk yielding due to this crossing? No not at all. How much you yield out of this cow strain? I yield nearly 20 litre of milk. I had got information that there is much demand on your cow’s mik. People are waiting to get your milk. What is the technique of this success sir? The feeding only is the secret of success. I don’t use food that has chemical content. I give them cereals and oil seeds. So you don’t give pellets? I seldom give them pellets when occurs shortage of cereals. I use then branded pellets only. From where do you bring these cattle sir? I bring my cattle from Chinthamani market, Krishnagiri and a huge market in Erode district. What are the advantages in buying cattle from these markets? You can choose there out of large number of cattle in Erode market. Because there comes all variety of cattle breed from the entire country. Shall we get good quality breed from Erode Market? Yes indeed. So there will be agents in the market? Yes there will be agents for the business,
But I don’t depend on them. I directly go and buy from there. How many pregnant cows you have? I have five cows that are expected to calve in short period. You sell their calves or sustain here itself? I get healthy calves of 30-35 Kg. From where do you get the semen? I import selected good semen from government authority itself They distribute efficient semen to the farmers. Do you depend on any governmental cattle farms for it? No, I don’t..I had a healthy bull which had high breeding ability. So I could get healthy calves. So people come from far distance to buy my calves as they know I maintain healthy cattle. I have sold 25 calves till date. Some people say that their cattle which had been bought from Tamilnadu had some problem regarding their health. So did u ever face that kind of problems with your cattle? Yes I too had experienced and learned a lesson too. Could you please explain it? When we buy these cattle from these markets, there would not be any symptoms of unhealthy. But after bringing them here, The cattle start showing some unease when the climate change. The discomfiture doubles after calving. Theileriosis and Anaplasma diseases are commonly found in these cattle. Frequent fever is the shown symptom in this disease. Even though doctors give injection, the fever is not cured thoroughly. Hence we should test the blood of each cattle at once they are brought from outside market and that should be done within two days of their arrival. The veterinary doctors arrange good treatment here. They can detect the disease by taking blood samples and test them in the lab. Sometimes we cannot find symptoms apparently. After two- three months, the affected cattle lose its weight and looks so weak, and then it dies. The only remedy is to take necessary tests and treatment to the cattle soon after they are brought here . What are the activities in your farm when a day starts? My servant and I get up in the early morning at 3. So only one servant? Yes, only one servant, Appointing more labourers will not give profit to us. Because I give Rs: 15000 and their expense as a wage. I yield 200 to 210 litres of milk every day. I have to spend on cattle foods, electricity, transportation, Check-ups and treatments, labour -wages etc. So the remaining amount will be my profit. So you will milk from 3 o clock itself right? We will start our work of cleaning the farm and keeping the dung to another place from the early morning itself. We don’t accumulate dung openly. We put the dung in sacks and keep them till it becomes dry. After that I use this dung to make an organic fertilizer. I sell each sack for Rs. 140-150. The demand for this fertilizer is too high. Because I give the customers actual dung without any mixing of sand or wood crumbs. They take the dung in tins. Each tin cost 35 Rs. Each sack can fill 4 tins. The customers themselves do this job. So we don’t need to spend on labour charge. After removing the dung we start to
clean the farm with machine wash. We clean the cow part by part. After their bath they also will be ready for milking. Can u tell us about the yielding of milk? Mostly I get 18-25 litres of milk from these HF cows. The capacity varies in some cases also. This cow gives more than 30 litres of milk every day. I milk it three times a day. If not the milk would be leaked and wasted. How much would you get in the morning? I get 12 to 15 litres from this cow in the morning. If I get 15 in the morning, the afternoon milking will end in 8 litres of milk. Then in the night, again 10 to 12 litres I get. HF cows has the same efficiency of goats as we can milk them anytime. How you find market for this milk of 13 cows? 7 out of 13 cows now give milk. So you give milk to society or somewhere else? I sell 100 litres of milk everyday directly to the customers. Without adding any kind of chemical I can distribute farm fresh milk. Milk is distributed directly by vehicles. I sell one litre for 60 rupees. You sell it in bottles right? Selling in bottles finds some difficulty
in cleaning and it gets damaged frequently. Hence I use packing of milk. So it remains good for hours? I could guarantee this milk for 6 hours. As it is free from preservatives, customers are asked to use it within 6 hours. So you sell to the shops around your town? They cannot afford to buy this milk as it is 60 per litre. They would buy low quality milk for industrial purpose. I could find a different type of food has been giving here. So I would like to know more about it. When we bring these cattle from outside market, they look so healthy and fatty. But after 2…3 months they lose their weight and look so weak. Even though we give grass and pellets, their state would not be changed. Here I determined to implement a new method of feeding. That is natural foods to the cattle. I discussed with a veterinary doctor and started following him. I give maize powder, high quality green gram, chick peas, sesame seeds, Urad dhal, Ragi,
Cotton seed, rice husk, 17 types of crushed cereal powder, Tapioca, Wheat and rice. I prepare a porridge- like food with these grains. I cook maize powder with tapioca and then I mix the paste of wheat and rice with them. It becomes a tasty food to the cattle. They eat this delicious food eagerly. We will also love to have this healthy food. We should grind the cereals before cooking it. Otherwise it would not be cooked thoroughly, And it would not be digested by the cattle. Hence grinding cereals is necessary. Now I grind wheat here to cook with maize and tapioca. This is the paste of green gram and urad dhal, This is cotton seed which has been crushed. This paste is of Raagi and sesame seed. Pea nuts are also to be grinded to make them a good paste. Urad and green gram paste are added directly to multi-cereal mix without cooking it. It will be a tasty food. Then I give them date fruits. I buy 300 kg date fruits for one month. I soak them in water at night and crush them in the morning, making a paste, I give it to the cattle. Dates as you know a complete nutrient food for them. When we buy food from outside and give it to them in large quantity, is not a big thing. Because we don’t know whether they have added the ingredients which are mentioned on the packet. So giving them natural and nutrient food directly is beneficent
Rather than buying unhealthy foods. Is anybody giving these kinds of foods to the cattle? No, nobody gives like this, thinking of the cost needed in preparing it. Buying fresh dates costs Rs: 250-350 per kg. Hence nobody will be willing to give dates to cattle. But I buy the damaged and old dates from the wholesale dealers. I can buy them with 17 to 18 rupees per kg. You are really an expert farmer. Your cattle milk should be sold in high price indeed. Yes, customers have given testimony that our milk tastes good comparing to the rest. Giving them dates would be considered as my stupidity. But people are unaware of its cost, still I get good quality product. Here I grow this Co5 grass in one acre. Another 4 acre grass field also I have. So this grass has reached the time to be harvested? Matured plant can be harvested within 45-50 days. This grass is of 50 days, but looks short as because of heavy rain. So heavy rain affects the growth of these plants right? Exceeded water will definitely affect the plant. How would you water the plants regularly? I water them with small water channel nearby. Water the grass twice a week. It gains height of 12 feet in the summer season. Will find shortage of water in the summer season? Not that much, but it would be managed by summer rain. So there is no need of any sprinkler method of watering, right? No need, but if it is fixed the yielding will be good. Do you have paddy cultivation on your land? I had earlier. Not doing right now. I will show you how the grass is cut to feed the cattle. I am doing this job with my servant. Appointing more men will reduce the profit.. We will cut the stem and bring it to home by vehicles. We collect grass for each day. For giving them three times a day. Next day same process will be conducted. So fresh can be given to them. I am going to show you how it is cut. Oh you have goats too right, which type is this? These are Malabarian goats. How many you have in your farm? I had 30 goats. Recently I sold some kids. Some goats are in the edge of calving. what is the food you give to these goats? The same food that I give to the cows. how much you get to one kg? I get Rs: 350 per kg when I sell them alive. Oh good it is profitable indeed. You sell the goats at what age? It will reach to 10 to 15 kg when the goat becomes four months. Then I can sell them. So viewers, Mr.Moideen has described the nook and corner of his business mantra. Hope that would be an unique information to you also. It is really new to me finding a different kind of feeding. It is a great experience to me. I would thank Mr.Moideen for sharing his business success secret. Viewers please watch our videos and comment over it in the box. Please subscribe it if you have not done it yet. If you have any doubt you can ask us in the comment box. We have given his number in the video. You can call him and visit his farm directly. Thank you once again for watching our video.Bye.


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