Dairy Goat Farming Part 1 : Dairy Goat Farming in the Philippines | Agribusiness Philippines


  1. Scott Sutton

    I really don’t like the fact they are promoting the use of pharmaceuticals for farming!! Not good or sustainable longer term!!!

  2. Dan Man

    puro naman naririnig ko high maintenance,hi investment kelangan…para kanino ba ito video ninyo…pede ba ipromote ninyo paano magsimula sa backyard, homesteads style , kung wala pera tao paano magsisimula,,lahat nmn nagsisimula sa maliit eh.

  3. jay correa

    karamihan ng may ari dayuhan na lumaki dito….huh…napagsasamantalahan ang mga pinoy….sigurado ako may corruption ang mga official natin sa mga dayuhang nag hahanapbuhay dito..minsan tignan din natin kung purong pinoy..huh

  4. kenya agroindustry

    Kenya Agribusiness and Agro- industry Alliance (KAAA) brings together all private sector stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The alliance aims to provide a coordinated and unified voice to engage and work with the government to ensure intensifications of intra-industry linkages and cooperation for effective Public Private Partnerships in all agricultural value chains.


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