Dairy Goat Farming Part 2 : Dairy Goat Farming Management | Agribusiness Philippines


  1. Ramzi Yousef

    sir. i want to buy 30 female goat, and 3 male goat, one months and 3 weeks old, how much is the cost per one? i need the female goat that produce more miking

  2. Pio Sian

    I wonder if there is any Nigerian Dwarf goats in the Philippines. In Florida where we live I have 2 Nigerian does. They are small about 21 inches tall and about 70 pounds and at the height of the lactation each can give 7 pounds, that's 10% of their body weights. We don't use liquid measures like liters or gallons. Such efficiency to food/milk ratio made them the milk supplier for the astronauts at the Biosphere. By he way, they are called "Udders" and teats, not "Breasts" are for humans. Lactation last 5 months sometimes a doe will milk through for the whole year. They are African and tolerate heat well. European breeds take 2 or 3 generations to get well acclimatized to the tropics.. Milk is richer than European breeds at 7% butterfat as contrasted to 5% for other breeds. My Filipino friends are amazed that my goats' milk smell sweet because I keep he smelly bucks away.

  3. William Cooper

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