Darnell Farms | My Ingles Story

My name is Nathaniel Darnell and this is my Ingles story. Right here in the great smoky mountains
next to the Tuckasegee River we have the perfect place to grow our produce. we’ve been working with Ingles four years and support they give to family farms like ours is outstanding. Ingles to me has shown very positive view towards local farmers and locally grown food and to me that is the most wonderful thing that
any business any produce any grocery outlet can do. They care about local farms
and care about the community and they care about you know making sure that
their customers are receiving the best quality products that they can get. I think that they are fantastic. If they believe in homeroom of course their their grocery store was
established in the mountain of Western North Carolina. It’s indigenous like we are. They buy local. Starting at like six or seven in the morning before daylight when its dewy and very cool out here and vegetables fresh we load them on one of our vehicles we drive direct to Ingles stores for the very reason
that that allows Ingles to have they freshest produce in the area. There is no
middleman there’s no time in between and people can buy that have the confidence
to know that the producer their getting is coming direct from the farm that
day. My biggest priority with fresh local produce is number one it’s good for you I mean there’s nothing that fresher than,
you know, knowing that you can see where your produce is grown because most
people don’t have any clue they never seeing the farm. It’s not easy for a
change store like Ingles to deal with small farm. It’s easy for them to call one big
supplier give them a PO and say fill it a go on back to somewhere else do
the work but they’re willing to go that extra mile to carry those logistics
to buy from the small guys where some of the big chain stores they may act
like they are but they’re not. I’m glad to say Ingles suports homegrown. Most people see in news today that
farming is a struggling affair and we try very hard to do well but it’s very tough sometimes but with the help of good people like Ingles were able to stay out here in our kids grow up the way I did. We don’t only raise our crops
here we raise our family’s here. Here at Darnell farms, we think our fruits and vegetables are some of the best your gonna find. If you want the best local
quality you cannot do better than Ingles

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