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Day 19 ACMPR grow test facility OG Kush Green House feeding Mantis airpots plastic & fabric pots

hello it’s rick at growers n’ smokers
again here we are with the green house feeding biogrow program with biobloom
for flower with their blumat Auto drip irrigation system as you can see we they
are in action you can see them see that action going on there I guess over here
we got you put extenders over here cuz this spot is a little bit bigger this
these extenders now put drips on either side of the pot yeah there we go a
little bit of an upgrade on that one because that’s a bigger pot that’s seven
and a half gallons actually six and a half gallons and here we are see in
action in action did you see that she’s that in slow-mo let’s see it again so satisfiying anyways there we go and
then here is our you know competitor here with the Mantis we’re just watering
in mantis we’re not doing it everyday yet because our pot is quite big but we just
watered it today and you want it’s looking pretty healthy to be honest this
is the take of the plants here so you know in diameter wise distance almost
covering the airpot here this one’s almost covering the airpot so those
two are equivalent there we’ve got two two airpot ones so they’re looking
pretty neck and neck the greenhouse may be a little bit wider spread but we have
the fabric pot here and we have the other two pots here just regular soft
plastic pots and they’re looking pretty good so yeah the plants are looking nice
and healthy as you can see the airpot ones like I don’t know it seems a little
early to tell but it looked pretty impressive just in the airpots and can’t
I don’t know I find that kind of hard to believe that airpots
make that much of a difference right out of the gate I thought long term it would
have been better but we never know let’s keep watching let’s see what goes on it’s
Rick at Growers n’ Smokers at the ACMPR grow facility you guys take care!

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