Deadly Waters. Citarum: Indonesian river keeps textile industry’s dirty secrets (Trailer)

Lakes is Auntie forms part of a high-altitude nature reserve it's where the famous cheetah room indonesia's principal waterway starts its journey baby captain Dease and an all a tête-à-tête Amidala sceptic Peng raksasa it runs 300 kilometers from source to mouth and there are over 200 industrial facilities ranged along its banks ammonia muscle limba tire industry finger wanna I also like it'll be too many hey Tom papa the cheetah room irrigates over 4,000 rice fields and supplies drinking water to 25 million people cattlemen cuneus at o tsunaide – Oh meta supported astrometric or 32 Nia


  1. Derek M

    Meanwhile in 1st world countries people talk about pollution… This blows anything anyone in a western country has seen clear out of the water. These people clearly don't care and have no e.p.a or government intervention what so ever. I guess when your just trying to survive, everything else can become and go down a toilet… Literally. Sad,

  2. Karel Kuiter

    Great! I told you!! Indonesia can't rule their country!! They fuck up the nature, forests etc.. Low educated people!! It is the indonesian " mentality" that sucks!!

  3. victor bruun

    blaming the industries when its full of plastic garbage… dont think those came thru uncleaned wastewater. The locals all act as if they were foreigners there.

  4. Eye Ball

    Come on RT this channel is normally fair with News item so why haven’t you shown the TRUE events on the MDL (muslim defence league) riot in Oldham UK ???? .. why haven’t you shown the 300+ muslim gang attacking home owners & women & children & the police ????


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