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– [Narrator] Every human
being has the potential to become extraordinary. Every great movement began with one person wanting to make a difference. Every person who ever
helped change the world had a moment when they took
action for the first time. You are extraordinary. Your moment is here, change is here. The privileges we enjoy today are ours because of the work of
people who came before us, and demanded justice. People like Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriet Tubman, Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks. People who said, “No, no more.” People who were told to move, and stood their ground instead saying, “No, you move.” The world needed them
and now it needs you. Not tomorrow, not someday
or sometime, today. – I have a dream today. (applause)
(radio static) – [Narrator] Arctic ice melting, global temperatures rising, crop failures, land desertification,
wild fires, heat waves, floods, droughts, one billion climate refugees by 2050. Your world needs you now
to join the thousands of others to tell our government
that we will not standby as they do nothing to tackle
the climate emergency. We will not watch as they endorse systematic animal exploitation. We will not allow them
to continue to do nothing in the face of unimaginable suffering, and the destruction of
our entire civilization. We will not hand them
our future to throw away. This October, thousands
of us will come together to demand the end of animal agriculture. We will demand change
to holt mass extinction, and minimize the risk
of climate breakdown. The growth of our movement
has been phenomenal, and a plant-based future is in our grasp. But we cannot click the climate emergency unless we end the animal emergency. And we can’t save the world without you. We stand on the shoulders of giants, of people who came before us, and made change happen. Be a giant. Your moment is here. Change is here and you’ll change forever when you take action. Join the rebellion.


  1. Shannabanana McInnis-Hurd Author

    First like and comment. Thanks pbn. ❀️🌱❀️🌱❀️🌱❀️🌱❀️

  2. Dr Steven Lome Lifestyle Medicine - Plant Based Author

    Animal agriculture MUST end and WE need to demand it! Money talks! Consumer spending must cha be to drive change in the system! Educate everyone…stay vocal…for the plant, the animals and our health!

  3. Jackson Facts Author

    I just started an Anonymous for the Voiceless chapter in my hometown, and I’m so excited about opening the minds and hearts of people in my community to the truth behind our destructive lifestyles.

  4. __awe_dree__ Author

    β€œJoin the rebellion.”
    Me: I’m there!
    β€œLocation: London 2019”
    Me: checks bank account
    I guess imma be protesting alone in my city. I’ll probably be arrested.

  5. Y K51 Author

    Humanity keep evolving and giving other kinds basic rights. Animals did nothing wrong yet they suffer the most through all human history and now. A time will come when humans would see the murder of innocent animals as they see the murder of man

  6. Sandy K Author

    For all of the states in the U.S., will there be something similar taking place in Washington that day? I’d love to participate and show all the support!

  7. Jipee Juhu Author

    maybe step the rhetoric down a notch and demand the removal of all subsidies for agriculture first so third world nations are no longer at a disadvantage and meat prices start climbing so people eat less of their own volition

    this rhetoric will just lead to radicalization on both sides

  8. ShadowZZZ Author

    91% of all cut forests and woods in the Amazon are directly linked to animal agriculture. 51% of all greenhouse gases are directly linked to factory farming. That's more than the global emissions of all cars, trains, ships and planes combined! Methane is an atleast 20 times more effective greenhouse gas than CO2. It takes 25kg of wheet and 15000l of water to produce 1kg of Steak. Animals are extremely inefficient in kcal and protein transformation. Animal products are the real elephant in the room when it's about protecting the climate. This is not purely a political issue where only the government is in control, so people don't have to be fatalistic. This is an issue that every individual person on earth can solve by simply going vegan. And it's a shame that this isn't even remotely mentioned as much as it should be on most speeches, conferences or videos that attempt to raise consciousness about the climate crisis. People simply have to change their habits and values in order to be better, but this change is uncomfortable for most people, so they don't like to listen. However, by not listening to the truth, and always making the same mistakes and fallcious excuses as always, one is not part of the solution, but the very problem itself, that's ought to be corrected.

  9. Kenz300 x Author

    Individuals, politicians and corporations all need to do more to fight the Climate Crisis.
    I use the Ecosia search engine to search the internet. It does not track your searches and with their profits they plant trees around the world. Every time I make a search It is a small contribution to making a difference.
    It is one small thing that adds up over time. We all need to do more. Make your home energy efficient, Ride a bicycle to work, school or for fun it is fossil fuels free transportation. Ask your school or business to install electric vehicle chargers for employees and customers. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Stop using single use plastic. Ask your local utility to install solar power. If you're buying a new vehicle choose an electric vehicle. Β 
    Go Vegan. It is good for you, good for the animals and good for the planet.

  10. Druidic Norse of Valhalla Author

    Governments would treat us like any Slaugtherhouses if we stop obeying , stop submiting , stop regimenting . Boycott Governments / Military . Animal Liberation & Human Liberation

  11. Chris Conley Author

    i wonder how many vegans are pro-choice. I mean, cattle take up land and need to be fed….fed with crops off of land that could feed humans….and with a growing population of humans every year…who lives and who dies?

  12. lis M.S. Author

    This kind of information need to be in tv, newspapers, everywhere, I known a lot of people who not know this reality and they never imagined.

  13. Imgay Asheck Author

    Did you really put gandhi in that list… You do realise that he supported all kinds of hierarchies and oppression right? Read up on him…..

  14. Interested Observer Author

    Please do not think that the amazing work and sacrifice of people like Gandhi or King or Parker, etc, has successfully ended human suffering and now we have to turn our attention to the suffering of animals. While I agree with ending all industrial scale farming, as we have come to know it, I am totally disheartened by how we have turned a blind eye to the destruction and mayhem and murder that our government commits daily across the globe. Priorities people!! Keep turning a blind eye and you won't have to worry about animals – we won't be here and neither will they.

  15. Benighted Author

    @PLANT BASED NEWS – Thanks for this. Yes, join the rebellion, join Animal Rebellion, and join the team at XR October Sustenance! We are feeding the rebels 100% plant-based food. Can you help preparing meals? Can you help sourcing veg, grains, pulses? Can you courier from our offsite kitchen to the sites?

    For chefs (Kitchen Leads), email: [email protected]
    For cooking helpers (Kitchen Crew):
    Do you want to make sure we bring the vegan future now? Help us to feed vegan food to the rebellion!

  16. John Wick Author

    ok, ladies and gentelmen, Im vegan for about 1 year now, previously vegetarian for a while, reasons, knew about health benefits, but once realized animal suffering(how crazy that is and how brainwashed we are is beyond everything, that people are so disconnected) I decided to do stop eating meat and go vegan at some point(still ridiculous thinking, I know) and what coms with it is environement, pollution, etc. Till recently, I was falling into category of "human caused climate change" believer, which, since I start digging into this looks like complete CRAP, obviously climate change is real as it is cyclical, but there is no evidence it is our fault, like real evidence, it is used by big energy sector giants and governments, and whoever is orchestrating both, to take normal peoples money out of their pockets by telling us it is CO2 emmision tax etc so, no offence to Greta, most what she says is true and I agree with it, but she is a victim and she is being used for those giants to get more and more, so please be aware, do not fall for this BS, because fighting for animals is really important and will change a lot, but climate change caused by humans, seems like a bs joke, lets not fight with each other as this is what they want ultimately, you can obviously read about it and find a lot of research yourself. Best Regards, Peace and Love!

  17. adiohead Author

    How many times does the voice over guy say the word 'vegan'??
    Answer = 0

    (there is a shot of some people with signs saying "go vegan", but that's it)

  18. Ria Farmer Author

    Without eating meat humans would have never had the ability to speak it's funny all of these sheep are led to their own genetic down fall all keep my beef and chicken and keep on evolving!!!

  19. Dr Grey Author

    if you have seen the attacks on a certain 16 year old girl by politicians, commentators , social media it has been endless and horrendous its hard not to be discouraged that the very truth is really nobody cares

  20. Mudnut59 Author

    An awesome idea, I've changed to a Whole food, Plant Based lifestyle for about 3 months, I feel great, and I love this idea for October 2019!!!

  21. weAreNotAloneHere Author

    They are doing something. There spraying our skys to try cool down our planet from the temp of our sun. But no one talks about that. Because its not told to us. Its just done blindly with only a few who see it. The ones who see it are called names because the name callers follow blindly through ignorance. When you loose the ability to see what is just above you then you beter understand how much you dont no with things you don’t see. Great video, but they are doing something. It may be toxic and the aluminium maybe causing memory issues. But there covering the sun, there dropping the temperature on certain days they choose

  22. Follower of Christ777 Author

    Greta's dad is an actor; her mother is an opera singer. They've taught their daughter how to speak with emotion and it's working. Greta is simply echoing what the pope is saying about climate change. She's a mouthpiece for the Vatican in the same way the major corporations are, after the world's major CEOs met Francis in January 2016.

    Pope Francis, the man of sin in the Vatican, which receives its power from satan in Revelation 13:2, has been pushing his false gospel on climate change or global warming since he became pope in March 2013. Major corporations, banks, Hollywood, governments and the biggest indoctrination institutions in the world including public schools, colleges and universities are regurgitating what the pope is saying because the world wonders after the beast, the Vatican (Revelation 13:3).

    The pope is using climate change to unite the world together so he can become the world's leader with the purpose of enforcing his mark, hence, the mark of the beast…the beast or kingdom being the Vatican. Please go to my channel to watch a video or two on the mark of the beast.

    Earthquakes, floods and erupting volcanoes are not caused by the human race. These are God's judgments warning the masses that His holy Son, Jesus Christ, is coming back soon.

  23. Sean O'Gorman Author


  24. Marley Author

    We need this in Vancouver. Not just at our aquariums or in Stanley Park. We need it by Science world, our main restaurant areas, and all over the lower mainland. Heck we need a protest of at least 100 people in every township. We need power behind our movement. Most importantly we need courage. Courage to stand up for what is right regardless of how it may harm us.(Through fines, imprisonment, or through social isolation). Look at What is happening in Hong Kong. Even they know that it is time to protest for democracy. Every movement has been hard fought and many helped to propell the cause. Hopefully through love, logic, and patience we can endure the struggle ahead.

  25. J K Author

    Greta has so much hate programmed into her thanks to her parents, they are selfish pieces of shit, their extreme beliefs about people destroying the planet has gone so far that in the process they are destroying their own daughters identity, how ironik

  26. Mark Frazier Author

    Unless there is an articulate leader that can give a strong message, that will cause government and Business Leaders to make major changes, this movement will be as significant as the proverbial drop in a bucket. If you want to make massive change quit buying animal products. Businesses will quit selling cows chickens pigs and eggs, when everyone buys fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds.

  27. EyeCU 205 Author

    Go talk to the illuminati.
    Then, maybe you will get some where.
    The people who did 9/11 are still walking as free men too,
    But best of luck.

  28. D Author

    Conflating Extinction Rebellion with veganism is a massive mistake.

    The climate change debate still rages (despite the alarmism view that the science is settled, as if science can ever be settled) but veganism is easy to demonstrate as the moral choice.

    The public are not begin Extinction Rebellion. Why sink the vegan ship alongside the radical environmental one?

  29. Darren Remple Author

    Good video. Hit's the right tone listing off the environmental problems. But no quick timeline Facts? Risky move making ANOTHER moralistic argument and deifying our movement with MLK. Hit them with Science! Grains+Greens=Abs. Appeal to American vanity! ie: A plant based diet causes wrinkles to reduce. Not save the chickens because let's love them. Stupid! WE Vegans need to speak TO the meat eaters and not screech that they're evil, even if some believe it. Let's use our intellect and strategy. My Vegan grocery bill is a fraction of the cost. I wonder if people are broke and would like to save money???BOYCOTT Communist China which has 18/20 top polluting cities on Earth. That Trump smear alienates 1/2 of America that elected him. Tie Nationalism to self sustainable and manageable Environmentalism.Again, Boycott Communist China, the world's Factory profiteering on Slave Labour I might add. Why would they make all the cheap crap if nobody is buying it? Maybe we could make the human physique fashionable and the outdoors cool. Quit screeching from a moral soapbox like Peta and comparing chickens to the holocaust. Absolute strategic idiocy. Just some ideas that will help our cause win. We've had a strong Fact Based argument all along, but have relied on hyperbole and hysterics. Let's work smarter, not harder, WIN over minds and save the planet!

  30. Darren Remple Author

    Anyone else noticeΒ that Communist China is by FAR the worlds biggest polluter, and ALSO the world's biggest Human Right's abuser? Well gee whiz isn't THAT an Inconvenient Truth??? Chinese civilization=7,000 years. Communism=70 YearsMAYBE we could focus on CHINA????

  31. Darren Remple Author

    I bet they wanted to mention Joan of Arc, but alas, she's white, it's 2019. LMFAO They would have done well to showcase Einstein or Steven Hawking who were both ridiculed by the elites until their theories were proven correct or widely validated. Again, moral hysteria! It's why they go eat a blood dripping steak to spite us.

  32. Darren Remple Author

    FUN FACT: The vast majority of human beings don't give a flying F**k about animals unless it's THEIR dog. Taylor the Vegan approach to the population you are trying to persuade. Link it to Vanity and Youth! Have I solved a great riddle? Appeal to Vanity and Youth with Fact Based Science. What could be more humanly unifying than that. With each country taking a Nationalist "NIMBY" approach it ensures responsibility rather than blaming "the planet".


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