1. Christopher Tolhurst

    Shalom, nice video and good job with your sound, very nice. God bless your efforts for better agriculture. Outstanding.

  2. Gabriel Abergel

    islam, the most murderous and invasive ideology in the history of mankind, started 1380 years ago with one country, today 61 islamic nations (all stolen and invaded) and for the past 70++ years they are trying to add Israel and many other countries (including Sri Lanka) to that list just like it invaded India territory called Pakistan, BangleDesh, and working very hard to convert Kashmir into anothe islamic dumpster. The so called palestinians are there only to destroy Israel, massacre a few million Jews and steal their land to create another islamic shithole. Eventually the world will rise up, just lke it rose up to terminate nazi germany, to destroy islam the worst
    disease ever to attack humanity.

  3. Tim Davidson

    We stole the land….. we stole the water….. we welcomed tourism….. after the slaughter…..we are the murderous International Hyenas….. see how we make the desert bloom with Palestinian land and stolen U.S. Money………..and your'e next!

  4. Sunita Dwarka

    Respected sir.
    My paternal place Bihar India have large rivers Ganga .
    This state people are suffering with poverty of food. I want to grow fish and rice on water. Using cret type system.
    I have complete idea how it will grow, I need people who can bring my dream in reality.
    We can slove food crisis of many parts of world.
    We must make large size cret with shiev. We grow fish in it and on top we grow rice or other crops.
    For doing this job ,we need three layers of cret.
    One for fish. Second middle for protection of roots of hydroponics plant and third for plants.
    The plants will eat the weast materials of fish and fish will eat roots of plants.
    The middle sheave beneath the plants will protect the roots.

    This all system will float on water using empty plastic bottles.
    We should use ring around the cret at various levels, so that we can put plastic bottles on any required level.
    We attach our cret with ropes as we attach ships.
    In your country you have rivers
    Please try on it.
    I have one experiment for very colder countries and one for larger trees in dessert or any where in world. If you wish to experiment then I will give Ideas.
    Namh shivay.

  5. ahhillary

    Indeed Jews are the most Brilliant race God has ever created, they are a wounder to humanity if the Fellow Brothers on the far left had Known that, then they would stop any bickering and copy from their Brothers and also leave a decent life.


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