Details in the Fabric (Live 2016) | Jason Mraz


  1. krisna sulistiyani

    I finally watched this song performed live last Saturday, 10 years after listening to it for the first time. Some Indonesian including me flew to Singapore to watch Jason. This is the second time for me after his concert last October. Although both concerts are in the same tour (means the concepts are same and repertoires are similar) but they paid all his concerts I've missed during the decade.

    Everytime I encounter words similar to "hold your own, know your name, go your own way," I remember to this song. It roots deep in my heart and I use it as a mantra, knowing that everything will be fine.

  2. AMNN

    And again. This song is one of song that fill my heart again and again, and it will help me over and over again. Thank you and thank you for making this song. It help many people.

  3. Bard of the South

    Whenever you wish you were never born in the first place, remember how blessed you are to be alive to even think that thought.

  4. Shaz Flicks

    Jason MRAZ is a Four Letter word = LOVE 💖
    Top tracks Remedy, Livinng in the Moment, Details in the Fabric.

    Keep writing ✍🏻 and creating
    You are an inspiration

  5. Dew Right

    If it we're easy it wouldn't be worth doing! Food for thought before you regurgitate my stupidity and lack of ability to make any sense!
    That's what I have you for, and you made plenty of cents last time I understood Jew!
    I was just learning hot🔄wo spell then! Remember!

  6. yanlong yan

    I was chatting with a new friend and I mentioned I like Jason Mraz and he screamed. He told me that "Details in the Fabric" is the song that he would listen every time he feels down. Then it reminded me that one and a half years ago, I watched this version of the song and fell in love with it. After that I read the lyrics and it melt me down. This song is so beautiful with love, empathy and encouragement. Thanks, Jason, for bringing us this song. Happy new year:)

  7. Checho Jimenez Campos

    Thank you @Jason Mraz for this Amazing song that heals and gives Hope for our Human Family, You are a nice Brother of all our Humanity, Pura vida From Costa Rica bro and Gracias de Corazón 🙂

  8. Clara Cynthia Devi

    Has always been my ‘go to’ song whenever I feel like giving up. Jason, you have no idea how this song has helped me through everything. And I know that I will always play this song to help me calm down whenever things go wrong. Thank you. Thank you so much. 🖤

  9. Young MIC

    This, make me relax.. everytime.. thanks for this song, thanks for this music.. real.. deep.. deep in heart, was difficult to stand up in feet, but, this.. fit my hole on my chest.. and.. make me chill.. everytime. Great job .. c:


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