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Diablo 3 Season 13 – What Class to Play for Paragon Farming?

Hello ladies and gentlemen Firzjberg here
with new Diablo video. It is time again to review starter sets for
each class that will be rewarded to you after finishing Chapter 4
in season 13, not to mention new portrait and cosmetic pet. Here i’d like to share my thoughts on how
to start next season efficiently and earn paragon levels as fast as possible
at the beginning of season. This video probably will not be useful at
mid-season, as most of the players will be completely devoted to greater rifts. The same starter sets were granted in Season
9 Might of the earth, Invoker, Shadow’s mantle, Sunwuko, Jade harvester and Firebird
The only addition is Necromancer with his Inarius set. There are no major or minor upcoming changes,
and as a result everything that happened previous season* will repeat and remain once again. Who will be the best this season, let’s find
this out. Might of the earth set or leapquake build
for Barbarian is mostly used in Solo greater rifts. If you prefer playing most of the time solo,
this set will probably help you reach Greater rifts
75 for a conquest and above, and it is not very hard build to collect. The most important item here is Blade of tribes,
and 2 other items Lut Socks and Girdle of Giants belt are helpful
when pushing your limits. Speed rifting or doing bounties with this
set is quite a painful adventure. You will have to jump on targets to deal any
damage and use your Warcries. since this set doesn’t provide any bonus damage
to primary skills. Might of the Earth set is slightly behind
in matter of dps compared to 3 other sets but it is still
a thing. Next class is Wizard. Firebird set is your hot ticket to Greater
rifts in group and solo pushing as it is currently the best set for pushing with 4 players and
playing solo with Fire or Arcane meteors. Unfortunately this starter set is not pretty
good for playing regular rifts or bounties as the whole damage boost comes from
igniting 20 enemies or an elite first with 3 different fire skills. Without those 20 stacks, firebird’s damage
is not high enough. Even if you ignite elite it will die within
seconds and you will have to ignite a new one to gain damage boost. For this reason Firebird is only perfect at
top tier Greater rifts like 80+ at the beginning of season. For a good start you will need 4 essential
items Deathwish sword, Etched Sigil, Grand Vizier, and Nilfur’s boots. Without these items, Firebird will never shine
in its full glory. Recommended only for Experienced players who
wish to push Greater rifts as soon as possible. Next class is Demon Hunter with Shadow’s mantle
set. This is another solo-oriented set which has
huge pottential at killing solo targets with one click in
greater rifts 80+. Unfortunately this set is fixed to play with
one primary Impale skill, that actually has very low area of effect compared to other
different skills like multishot or cluster arrow which
will be locked once you equip a melee weapon. ofcourse you can instantly kill everything
you see with Impale, but this skill is not the best for huge crowd
of mobs. Shadow set is not efficient for farming bounties
or rifts, even with vault skill and Shadow power that grants extra run speed. You will have to apply Impale for every monster
or use one specific rune that allows impale to pass through mobs. The biggest advantage here is that Shadow
set doesn’t require a lot of items as you have high chances
to find a desirable dagger and quiver while rerolling yellow items in cube. Also this set has good toughness provided
by Shadow power and even more damage reduction if you
find Elusive ring. Next class is Crusader with Invoker set. This set is completely tied to play with thorns
damage provided by gear and legendary gem. It is pretty tanky build that reflects
damage to your foes but if you are not hit, no damage will apply in return. Invoker is another solo-oriented set for greater
rifts around 75+ but it struggles if played in
group as mobs tend to attack other players or they get killed by others before you even
reach them and as a result you lose some reflect damage. Farming Split bounties or rifts is not recommended
with Invoker as you have to stand still to attack with primary skills. I’d recommend this set if you prefer playing
Hardcore mode, for softcore it is just not the best choice until you
find Akkhan set for Condemn build. Good advantage is that Invoker always provide
thorns in secondary rolls, and you can equip any weapon you want, but the best choice will
be pig sticker or Hack with Akarat’s Awakening shield. for Witch Doctor we have jade Harvester.Haunt
and Locust swarm are essential skills for Jade so you must apply them to as many enemies
as possible for the maximum damage. The problem is that Jade is not very fast
in doing bounties and rifts as you need to stop for few seconds to cast all required
skills. I recommend this set only for
Solo greater rifts where you can make huge crowds of mobs, poison them and nuke with
your Soul harvest skill. Another problem is that this set requires
2 items for your defense Sacred dagger, Lakumba’s bracers and 2 more
items for offense Quetzalcoatl helm and Ring of emptiness to increase your output damage. Once you find all these items
with proper rolls, it will be possible to run with ease 75+ greater rifts without a
single death. I personally prefer Witch doctor only for
fast leveling, since this class has a lot of low level items that boost
your damage and your pets will assist you in battle. Next class is Monk with Sunwuko set. Sunwuko is the best starter set in season
13. It can be useful throughout the entire season
while doing everything you want, solo greater rifts, bounties, group rifts. There are two build variations for this set
(lashing tail kick and Wave of light) but the second one is the best because of huge
Area of Effect and insane damage coming from Sunwuko set
and several essential legendaries like Pinto’s pride bracers, 2 weapons Kyoshiro’s blade
and Vengful wind, Kin’s gaze spirit stone, Crudest boots and Grand temple daibo. You can start gambling 2 of these items while
leveling. Bracers will drop starting from level 15 and
boots from level 9. So we have 6 items total to find to maximize
your damage and once you find them all, Torment 13 rifts and 75+ Greater rifts will be a piece
of cake for you. And the final class is Necromancer with Inarius
set. Sadly Inarius is not very good for anything. yes it is capable of playing T13 rifts, but
not any higher, unless you try thorns variation for 70+ Greater rifts. This set has good defense and lack of items
to boost your output damage. Most of the necromancer items will be useful
for different sets especially Rathma. The key items to start next season with this
starter set will probably be Trag’oul’s fang, Leger’s Phylactery, Kalan’s amulet, Dayntee’s
belt, and two handed Reilina’s Shadowhook. Necromancer is quite a good class for solo
leveling because of his minions but you will rarely see any useful legendaries to place
in cube while leveling as most of those legendaries drop after level
50. Despite the fact that Inarius is not effective
in Rifts and Greater rifts, Necromancer is still the best for
paragon leveling after getting everything you need for Rathma, but we are speaking here
only about starter sets and the beginning of season. Well it is time for conclusion. This season most of the classes receive only
solo-oriented sets, except Monks and Wizard but all of them are capable of doing 75+ greater
rifts with proper legendaries, the most difference
is in the way how they perform in rifts and bounties which is crucial in farming paragon
faster. If you wish to play this
season just for the conquests and all possible rewards, i recommend you to start with Monk. If you intend to stay for the entire season
and play for Leaderboards and level up your legendary gems, Necromancer
will always be the best choice because of Rathma speeds and Meta role in 4 Player leaderboards. If you have any questions, leave a comment
And if you want to see more videos don’t forget to subscribe to support my channel. Thank you for watching and listening. See you around.


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