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Digimon Rearise Gameplay Why You Should farm the Halloween Clash Event!

fort what’s going on guys welcome back to
another Digimon Maria rise video this will be one of my last videos before
I’ll be going on vacation so thank you guys so much for watching and let’s get
into the topic for today so today we’re gonna be going over the new events and
not necessarily kind of taking on I’ve already done some showcase videos with
Damon of thinking on Bakuman and phantom on but why it isn’t actually important
to farm this event so let’s go into the shop and see you guys can kind of see
what you guys can get from this Halloween clash event so if we go to the
Halloween event you guys know the number one thing the first thing you guys
should pick up is going to be actually probably your stamina if you guys have
done a lot of the pulling on the banner then you guys probably have gotten pied
Mon maybe davon hey okay a creepy lon I’m kneading machine Germany middle C
German maybe some other units that we’re throwing the banner like hi and Ramon
manera them on you know any of those units are very very good to raise maybe
that’s not a machine German but definitely pad mom’s very very good des
monts s tier amazing you know so on and so forth so this is a good way to get
five free thing I’m going to need a thousand currency you know basically if
you get a couple finger mono counters that shouldn’t take you you should get
this within the first day of the event if you guys haven’t picked it up if you
guys are playing on your phone you guys can get this Halloween digi walk thing I
play on my iPad so I bought it just to have it in case I ever transferred on my
phone if I were going a long trip maybe like maybe even for the trip I’m going
on on Monday maybe I’ll put the game on my phone as well and I can play on my
phone but we’ll see you can get the plugins recommend getting those just in
case down the road you ever do build pumpkin Mon regardless if you don’t they
are so decently good well not let me okay well let me okay
but the attack one does have speed so if you guys are lacking some silver attack
plugins for your brave units that needs speed very very good to pick that up as
well I believe it was block rate and defense or blocker in HP for for this
actually I think it has to be defense right but anyway
definitely get the plugins because I mean regardless there’s still silver
plugins I you know they’re not very much only 600 decorations that’s if you guys
really want to have your farm look really really nice and you guys can pick
those up those are cheap it’s only 500 for both but the number one thing that
obviously pick up outside of the stamina is going to be the mega egg mine is
actually gonna be a high and Ramon Duke which I’m super happy that that was the
number two pick I wanted the best pick I kind of got would have been in there
never him on duke just because she’s dps she’s on my PvP and farm team so but
I’ll definitely take Kyle and Ramon because I still use them pretty much
everywhere so getting some better bonuses on his barrier and I his shocked
a wee is gonna be super awesome so that’s great so the next thing you guys
are gonna look at is this egg here so should you pick up this egg is the
question you are gonna get a ultimate pump c’mon Digimon so right now I have
one in my farm being produced so the reason why I would still say pick this
up and still farm this event throughout the next week um you guys on twelve days
to claim this I don’t know if the event lasts for 12 days we’ll check that out
in a little bit but regardless you guys should pick up all 10 copies if you can
you’ll need total of 10,000 currency so that’s I mean it’s the back burner thing
I need to get 80 100 to complete mine so I’m almost halfway there I’m a thousand
away from halfway there of getting all the eggs and then after that what’s cool
is you still can get these unlimited on times which means you can get this
pumpkin captivating confection multiple times I’m gonna pick up one just for the
sake of showing you guys cuz I can’t remember if I use them all but the
reason why even after you pick up all the eggs and all the other stuff of why
it’s still beneficial to farm this event especially if you still need
digivolution materials is because this is a great way to get as many of your
units as you can tonight and i’m bond especially if you’re building multiple
setups for PvE and PvP and let’s actually check out when is this end just
so I know till the 31st so actually this goes away
sooner than 12 days I believe yeah so this actually ends in six days so
unfortunately we only have this up for six days so if you guys are gonna get
everything you are gonna have to farm kind of a lot over the next couple days
unfortunately they only gave us about a full week even though the exchange shop
is open for another six days so I don’t know why they chose to do that but it is
what it is but any rate you know definitely take advantage of that but if
we go into our farm and let’s say I’m gonna work on our gardener mark for
instance or Midgard online let’s go to our pumpkin like let’s look at how much
you get for feeding just one of these in hey that’s a lot for level 60 that’s
like what a quarter of the bar so you can get those for 80 currency that’s
gonna be basically every run you can get one of those minimum I would say because
you should probably should be getting an average of like 70 for the Baka Mons if
you’re doing pretty decent um maybe more and phantom ons you guys can get
anywhere from like 110 to 160 so my opinion on this event I think it’s good
you guys also have the challenge rewards so I’ve already completed all three of
them I could leave them in the first I think like by day two but lots of
different things you guys can get stamina each run you guys can get
digivolution materials the rainbow materials you guys can get the elemental
materials and I think there are like keys as well for a lot of the dungeons
as well um so definitely do that as well you’re gonna get back just by completing
it so so definitely be doing that as well for you guys um so yeah I think the
event is definitely worth farming like if you guys even if you guys are like
out of stamina you’re out of PvP entries you don’t want to be using rubies or
stamina bottles say you’re saving for an upcoming event I’m kind of like what I’m
doing I’m trying not to use my stamina ball so I’m trying to build them up
because right now I have most of the Digimon that I use on a regular basis
built up and I’m just feeling like extras in case I ever build a certain
team like a billion mega Vargo mod just in case I ever do an all tech team I’m
gonna build up marine Angemon just in case we have a run to a meta where he’s
super super useful for his revive so a lot to see how that goes
but I think you guys should definitely try to farm as much as you can over the
next six days before and after Halloween just because like I said those those
food items you can just stock up stock up stock up on those that way when you
pull new units you can very easily get them to at least getting them bond level
up high enough to get them to mega but hopefully you guys can also get them
to 99 and my goal is to get um the Digimon I have left to get to 99
currently I need to get our creepy mod just got to 99 is down there and today
so I need to do PI mod I need you mega gar go and do the bull on a boat mom’s
already pretty high he’s almost done the 90s so he’s 86 so after I get all my
eggs I’m gonna be putting in as much as I can for that so that is gonna be my
overall opinion on today’s video let me know what you guys think in the comments
section down below do you guys think it’s worth your time you guys think it’s
worth you being loving and a game that long now obviously you guys do not have
to spend stamina on this event and that is the other big kicker is you’re able
to get all these food items so you don’t have to go over over into like the food
dungeon and farm food if you guys are smart and stock up on your free clash
battles you guys can get tons and tons of food and you can feed all those
Halloween foods to any Digimon they don’t have to be Halloween themed so
that’s gonna be the video today guys if you guys did help you out let me know in
the comment section down below like the video if you guys did like today’s
content hit that subscribe button if you guys are new and ring that Bell as
always see you guys don’t miss the next video and if you guys have any other
thoughts about this event how it was handled the rewards how the bosses were
structured let me know all those things in the comment section down below and
I’ll interact with you guys as fast as I can and thank you guys so much once
again for checking out for a misery gaming today and we’ll see you guys in
the next video peace out


  1. Zimerick Author

    What sucks for me about the 1500 egg is that mine's gonna become a Ravemon…which I can already get because I got a Peckmon that can become Ravemon from summons.


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