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Digital Directions – Greg Gibson, Hagley – Remote irrigation

Hi, my name is Greg Gibson. My wife, Sarah
and I farm on a mixed property here at Hagley.
A couple of years ago, we took a flight with, with two other growers in, from Hagley in
a, in a chartered aircraft, and, ah, flew all around our farms for quite a while.
Took about an hour and I was horrified with how much water logging issues we had,
um, dry patches in our paddock. So that led us to go on, and, and, look at, at, the
latest technology in water management. Traditionally you’d go and start the irrigator,
you’d go and check the irrigator, you’d go and check the irrigator again and then
you’d go and stop it. But nowadays with this new technology that
we are looking at, we can control the irrigator from your iPhone, or your, your
smart phone or iPad. New technology means that you don’t even
have to be on your own farm, to control an irrigator, and you can actually see where
the irrigator is, ah, whether it’s a pivot, gun irrigator – what it’s doing, when
it’s going to shut off, how much water it’s pumping.
The nozzles can be controlled um, via that ah, zone or package that you put into the
irrigator via your tablet or your smart phone. It also allows you to, to know how much water
exactly that you’ve put on the field – cause it’s got its own water meter.
The benefits to the technology are the reduction in ah, water logging, the nutrient
loss and also the water wastage issue that we’ve got.
This year I was lucky enough to win a, ah, ah Nuffield scholarship. That, that means
we can go overseas and look at this technology. What I hope to achieve out of the scholarship
is to, to find out all that, that new information that is out there and bring it
back to Tasmania, and um, spread the word far and wide.
With all the irrigation infrastructure that is going in and water, that is being um, that’s
being put through the Midlands – I think it’s a big benefit to everyone.

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