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Digweed: pigeon shooting with warm cartridges

[Music] It’s our Christmas catch-up with George – who
is looking particularly festive if not fashion conscious. To be honest with you I don’t care what it
looks like as long as my head is warm. On a crisp December afternoon he’s taking
time out from shooting to do someů shooting. At this time of year the 20 times world champion
is flat out looking after his sporting days, but for George this really is R&R with a bit
of pest control thrown in. It is always nice to have a break and get
out and have a shot when the season is on – do you know what I mean. It is really hard
work for us at the moment, especially this year. So to get out and have a shot at the
weekend is just a nice break. He’s been shooting this particular spot on
the English North Downs for a decade and it’s some of the most challenging sport around. When you are shooting pigeons like this. This
is where your technique has to be absolutely sound because you will get a good pigeon come
in fairly close to you, come up wind and swing round over the top at 15 or 20 yards and then
the next pigeon you shoot at will be 75 yards. So your technique has to be sound and you
have to be confident of being able to judge your distance and judge your lines. It is
not about a big bag today, it is about having some fantastic shooting and we should get
that. George doesn’t have any decoys out – just
a magnet to his left at about 65 yards. He is tucked in the shadow of the wood behind
us which is, again, about 60 yards away. It’s worth mentioning these distances to get a
sense of perspective. 90% of the birds George is shooting today are more than 60 yards away
with some nearing 100. And you know when George is pleased. Ooh that was a beauty. Ooh what a beauty,
ooh what a pigeon. Ooh … look at that. Ooh and again, ooh. Still enjoying your shot George. Absolutely. No point in doing it if you can’t
enjoy it. Now it cannot be denied that 2012 has been
a fantastic year for British sporting achievement and with the BBC’s sports personality of the
year coming up surely a man who has been world champion so many times in his chosen discipline
would get some sort of recognition – or may be not. I can’t imagine why they would ask me this
year. They haven’t asked me many other years. That was a nice one. They haven’t asked me
many other years. I went 3 times and the last time I went was in Birmingham and they put
me up in the ceiling and it was just a waste of time. I hope Pete Wilson goes and gets
some good coverage. I hope he gets invited to it and I hope they interview him and I
hope he comes across well, because he has got an ideal opportunity to promote the sport. The one thing Pete didn’t have to worry about
during the games was a cold cartridge – George will now explain why it is important to look
after your shells during the winter months… Yes, if you look up the barrels there, just
up in to the sky you can see the residue there left up in there which is where the cartridges
have been kept in damp conditions. The powder has got a little damp so they burn a bit slower.
It doesn’t really affect the performance hugely, but obviously it is not ideal. Now these are some I have had on the radiator
and you can see now that there is no residue up there at all. George warned us we’d see lots of birds today
and he has not disappointed. His friend Will described today’s shooting as like the best
presented highest pheasant drive and it lasts for four hours. He’s not wrong. Many people
would find shooting at these ranges too extreme but George makes it look easy. At this time of year George gets a lot of
invites to shoots all over the country as well as looking after his own. One thing that
he has noticed is an upsetting trend that some guns are not using their second shot
to ensure the bird is dead. You see people that shoot in a flush of pheasants
they hit the first one and then go straight on to another bird. When the first one is
not dead and they should finish that bird off. If I am shooting I will always finish
off. If I have hit a bird I will always finish it off rather than go to another bird. With the sun dropping fast George starts to
tidy up. It’s going to take a while.. We have done a good job here today killing
pigeons that are going out to the rape. It has been quite a difficult day I would say,
but no it has been a very good sporting day and when they come like that there is no finer
bird in the world. With three other guns keeping the birds moving,
the group have shot slightly more than George predicted: an impressive 813. George shot
140 once again proving he is king of the hill.


  1. bilalarabaci Author

    Very very nice shooting. Wow.
    Can you tell us what chokes did he use and what length the barrel was? Modified-Improved Cylinder and 76 cm?
    What type of cartridges did he use? Shot size, loads?
    What's the secret of behind this success?

  2. bigbenelisbe Author

    Does he shoot an x-full choke? what type of shells is he using? high velocity light or heavier? What size shot? 90 yards to kill a bird like that…wow.o_0

  3. kyska1 Author

    There isn't any law about shotgun carts unless you hold over a certain amount, then it becomes a explosive licence matter. Common sense says keep them locked up, but no, under your bed is fine according to UK law. Live firearm ammunition must be locked away, and locked away in a different place from the firearm. It can be in the same gun cabinet, with a seperate locker or 'top locker'.

  4. Tubber Hudson Author

    What a guy I look up to this man and the other shooters that shoot on the field sport channel makes me want to be a better shooter than I am keep up the good work love the vids and HATERS GUNNA HATE

  5. Richard Timms Author

    This truly shows up the pigeon pretenders, Garrod, Crow, Shooting Times Payne, myself and and everyone can learn from George, not just a brilliant shot but a true countryman, a true champion and legend.

  6. Cakemonster147 Author

    I'll have to try this next time. My radiator is an Aga cooker though that heats my house. It should be ok I pop cartridges inside it right?

  7. raybede Author

    I have shot all my life both game and rough shooting. I am disappointed to have to saythat there is no justification for shooting over 800 pigeons. He was NOT 'protecting' a cropand was probably killing migratory birds.Antis see this stuff and it is ammunition for them. Use your common sense lads please do.

  8. Morten Lillebø Author

    Damp powder..?!…in a fabric closed cartridge?? Bullshit!! Mr Digweed , claiming to shoot kill-hits on 80-100 yards with a shotgun….also bullshit ! Either Mr Digweed pace up 1/2-yards steps due to short legs or scrotum-disasters…or he needs a laser-meter.

  9. Peter Balac Author

    As much as I like to see George's amazing skill I don't think this does us any favours, this won't give shooting longevity.In my day what happened in the countryside,, stayed there .


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