1. Suneet Salvi

    Sir for all your knowledgeand numbers why don't put out number about how the ecology is getting ruined and how many people are getting cancer due to these foods. When will the govt. wake up to the fact that more and more farmers are leaving agriculture because they themselves are starving. If all that you say was so good why are 80% of the farmers in the BPL category. Somewhere do the line the system has not only failed the farmers but all its citizens too.

  2. Vivek Arjun

    In Name of food security govt can not kill food grower if food price to be reduced there is need to reduce salary of employees. Govt. is creating imbalance of income. Know slowly india is going to depend on other countries for food reason is only govt. imbalance of income due to which youth avoiding agriculture be aware india on wrong track. Money can not fill hunger. Land is not factory it only produces to its strength it's human who need balance. Urgent need is to reduce salary of employees to that of agriculturists or either increase income of agriculturists to that of employees. For it requires a decision making prime minister. The man who loves concept of india can do this.

  3. Anmol Jassal

    This is what we call knowledgeable idiots. And they are governing and taking important decisions of our nation.. there mind is full of western shits and don't no real problems of the ground..👎👎👎

  4. sriram krishnamoorthy

    Lol. Very bad. It was just an information.. boasting numbers.. boasting a crime.. like this we can hype anything… organic farming the only solution for nutrition food.. All the side effects of the GM foods were hidden and overlooked by corporates. He is simply talking like a company dgm…

  5. Arun prasath

    Why farmers are becoming poorer?
    because we not doing organic farming. Farmers are made dependent more and more and they need to buy everything from fertilizers to buying foods for cows .Where in earlier they could live on their own with natural(organic) farming

  6. Arun prasath

    The speaker seems to be promoting the views of the government. Native breeds of seeds are resistant to local climate swings and diseases.

  7. Sandeep Gurram

    When we are being the largest exporter of rice, then why the poverty in India exists. When we being one of the largest producer of milk why 40 percent of milk in the market is synthetic milk. Instead of standing in a queue for milk we stand in a queue for admission in hospitals

  8. Ramakrishnan Devarajan

    Really a crap one! because of the green revolution the fucking efficiency of soil have come down to 300% You cannot copy the Agri model of the US or EU to India as the clear understanding of the Economic model should be made. In the US and EU the more subsidiaries are give to agriculture Produce than the other sectors. For EU farmers security bill states that it gives the subs. of about 5 billion to get the yield of around the 4 billion which means the farmers get paid for they did nothing , but in this case its different. In India more than 60% population doing small agriculture. If this fucking revolution happens this would also leads to monopolization. you must understand the situation when a Pharma giant Bayer have interest in buying a Seed company Monsanto


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