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DIY – 2 litter soda bottle gravity drip irrigation system, upcycle, save water and keep green plants

Hello and welcome back for another handy video. This time we’ll be making a gravity dripping system using soda bottles and a low pressure dripper. The items we”ll need, are: two identical soda or juice plastic bottles here i am using 2 litter bottles, but you could use any other size. It all dependents how much water you want to put on your plants. One ½ GPH dripper GPH stands for gallons per hour. I have gotten these drippers from Amazon. And these two optional items: ¼” irrigation tubing and 1/4” elbow connector. The tools we’ll need are: a drill, an utility knife, a 1/4″ or bigger drill bit, a 9/64″ drill bit this drill bit size is ideal size for the dripper i am using on this video. I have linked all these items and tools used on this video in the description below. Make sure to wash the recycled bottles thoroughly and remove the labels. First we’ll need to do is to drill a hole on the soda cap with the 9/64 drill bit, being careful not to hurt yourself while doing it. Next we’ll be inserting the dripper into the soda cap hole we just drilled. Now, we’ll make a cut about 70% of the bottle diameter near the bottom, this will work as our filling port. Now, we’ll work with the second bottle as the base for our dripper bottle. Cut the bottle at a height of about 70%, the cutting line will vary depending on your chose bottle size and shape. Next, we’ll drill holes on the bottom face, these holes will allow water from the dripper bottle to flow onto the soil. We’ll also need to make 4 small cuts on the top edge of of base bottle, this will provide a better support to the dripper bottle. and don’t forget to recycle the cut section of the base bottle. This is how to two bottles need to be put together, now is time to test our dripping system! I’ve added stones at the bottom of the base bottle to provide support a better balance to our dripping system. The water flows trough the drippier and trough the holes we drill on the bottom of the base bottle. The total time it took to drain the two litter bottle was over 10 hours! Now, lets to an additional setup to our system. we’ll need a 3/4″ section of irrigation tubing, a 12″ section and an elbow connector. Insert the 3/4″ long tubing into the elbow connector, insert the other end into the driper, connect the 12″ section of tubing with the elbow connector. Drill a hole on the base bottle near the bottom. Pass the 12″ tubing section from the driper bottle trough the side hole. This side discharge tubing will allow to relocate the water away from our driper system. Here are other bottle sizes I’ve made using the same principal. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share this video to continue watching this type of content. For more tutorials, how to and product videos, visit

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