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DIY Color Block Crop Top Sweatshirt & Sweatpants (Beginners Sewing)

hey everybody, welcome to my channel. I’m
Miaira Jennings and in this DIY video I’m gonna show you how I turned
this into this. stay tuned. alright guys I am starting
off with these basic fruit of the Loom men’s sweatshirt and sweat pants and I
got men’s size small because for some reason the men’s sizes are a lot cheaper
than the women’s sizes. in addition I’m using my sewing machine, fabric scissors,
ruler, pencils, sewing pins, elastic cord and an elastic fastener button. as usual
just scroll on down to that description box for more details for these
materials. alright let’s get started. first I am layering one pair of the
pants on top of the other and then folding them in half vertically making
sure everything is lined up. then I’m using my ruler and pencil to mark the
line where I want to cut. now I decided to cut at an angle to make it a little more
dynamic but you guys can do whatever you want to do. now that that’s cut
I’m unfolding the pants, flipping all of the pieces inside out and assembling the
colors together. now I decided to go darker at the top and lighter at the
bottom of the legs feel free to mix and match however you want. you can even use
three colors if you want. next I’m grabbing my sewing pins and it’s time to
pin the pieces together. now what I’m doing is starting with the top layer and
pinning the right sides together. be careful not to pin the bottom layer to
this because then once you sew you won’t be able to get your legs through. by the
way this project is cool because you actually get two outfits. okay once the
front is pinned I’m flipping them over and doing the same thing to the other
side. and now that everything is pinned we are ready to head to the sewing
machine. first I am making sure that these layers
are not stuck together because again we do not want to sew these pant legs
closed. and now I’m just sewing along all of the pinned edges removing the
pins as I go. that’s it. the pant legs are sewn. flipping them back to the right
side and the pants are done. looking good. all right now let’s finish off with the
sweatshirt. again I am layering the sweatshirts on top of one another.
now — hi banks — alright and once I have those layered I’m folding it in half
vertically making sure everything is lined up and then using my pencil and
ruler again to mark an angled line on the sleeve. I’m using my fabric scissors
to cut along that line, unfolding everything and assembling the pieces. I really wanted this to be a crop top but
you guys can leave it full-length if you want— whatever your preference is. once
I’ve cropped the bottom I’m flipping everything inside out and it’s time to
pin the pieces together. just like with the pants I’m pinning the right sides of
the top layers together, being very careful not to pin the entire sleeves
together. once the front is pinned I’m flipping it over and pinning the back of
the sleeves. and once those are pinned it’s time to create the casing along the
bottom for the elastic. to do this I’m just folding that bottom edge over about
an inch and pinning it in place. and that’s it, now let’s head to the sewing
machine. first I’m sewing along that cropped
bottom and once that’s done I’m knocking out the sleeves. and we are good to go .I’m
flipping everything to the right side and cutting a very small hole at the
bottom just in the top layer. then I’ve added a safety pin to the end of the
elastic cord which I’ve already measured to fit around my waist and slipping that
safety pin all the way around the casing, scrunching the material as I go. once
I’ve worked that elastic cord all the way through I’m going to fasten it using
the little elastic fastener button. slipping both ends through, securing it
with a knot and that’s it. the cropped sweatshirt is complete, the entire set is
looking amazing I am so excited to try this on. let’s go. and that’s it. just a few simple changes
made a world of the difference.thank you guys so much for watching this video.
make sure you comment below to let me know what you think about this outfit
and let me know what you want to see me make next. if you’re not already one of
my amazing subscribers —I love you guys— hit that subscribe button right now and
the notifications bell so you never miss one of my videos. and I will see you guys
in the next one. bye


  1. Miaira Jennings Author

    Some simple lines and color mixing can make such a difference! 😍 Hope you guys love this outfit as much as I do. Let me know what else you want to see me make! 😝

  2. Live, Love & Learn Naturally Author

    Very cute. Sometimes you might wanna use a zig zag stitch on stretchy fabric so the stitches don’t pop when you’re putting them on xx


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